Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Thursday: Drugs, Work, 'theft' and another attack

Catching up because there was another freeze-shake attack at about 8:30 pm just as I was sitting down to dinner.

Thursday morning Plan A achieved, feeling okay, drove to the pharmacy and picked up drugs, alcohol swabs, a sharps container and diabetic tussin.

At work by 9, breakfast was a home-brought banana, Vitamin water, a tangerine and a Kind bar.

Very sedentary day, binge watched The Travelers on Netflix, lunch was a little noisy again with visitors, but the break room had been picked clean except for cashews, trail mix and bottled water, nobody stayed long. Lunch was a Smart Home small frozen meal which was something chicken-ish and Southwestern, and tasted pretty bad. I'm not a fan of Arizona spices.

Back to work, more binge watching, sent a note to Boss with a heads-up about my new handler. She replied she was enjoying the day off writing python scripts.

5:30, drove to the garage, but both chargers for my building were being used, so drove down to the row of valet chargers, and plugged in. Took the elevator in my building up to my desk and 'stole' my Microsoft "Ship It!" trophy. I don't expect to be around when the team moves, and it really needs to be on top of my piano.

To the break room, started reading from the Kindle app on the tablet. A passing Googler with a cryptic job title (he gave me his card) looks like a recruiter of some kind. Had a good conversation, turns out he's on a low sodium diet for his blood pressure. He's a veteran, in his early 30's, going to school on the GI bill, the VA hospital system and his girlfriend seem to be taking good care of him. Back in the day we would call him affirmative action, not currently employable.

Car was 70% charged, so I went down and drove home.

A little after 8 I cut up some onions and mushrooms, added oil & minced garlic & sautéed them. Nuked a turkey leg from the freezer. Shot up 50 units of rapid, my usual for a big dinner, and sat down in the recliner with a football game on.

And before I could start eating I was grabbed by a 45-minute shake attack, hyper ventilating, plus a low Hgl episode.

Got into bed until the shakes slowed down, then grabbed a bowl of mixed cut fruit, sat back down in the livingroom and inhaled it. Hgl normalized quickly, shakes melted away. Put dinner in the fridge, went to bed.

Woke up at 2:30 am soaked. Comforter was soaked, fitted sheet too, and pillow, but was able to find dry space and the top sheet and get back to sleep.

Plans for Friday:
It's a Google holiday, so sleep it off
Shower, dry out the bedroom
Take Zoe for her shot at the Humane Society. Ask them for advice
Drop off the rent

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