Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday: Caught up

Up at 4:30 am, pit stop, back to bed till 9 with a couple of pit stops in between. Turned on the ceiling fan and opened a window in the bedroom to help dry things out. Showered, weight was down to 255.1, a wee bit down from yesterday. 27 lbs down from my pre-hospital weight. My 48" pants fall off me without suspenders. I don't know if I have any 46-es, except maybe shorts.

Feeling about 80%, spent some Zoe time, she was extremely affectionate, climbing up on my shoulder and pushing her face against my lips.

Drugs, Hgl was okay, breakfast was sliced bananas, some walnuts and frozen blueberries. Yum! Watched mindless morning shows for about 10 minutes.

Got the carrier out of the shed, Zoe walked right in, no questions asked. Yay!

Drove across the bay to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley which is probably the finest facility of it's kind in the state. Maybe the country. Brought Zoe into the vet area, got her checked in, paid the $25 injection fee, and waited about 10 minutes for the tech to call us in. I had to pull Zoe out by the scruff, but she didn't fight it. She stood completely still for the shot, not even a meow, then turned around and walked back into the carrier.

While I was waiting, the staffer had checked about counseling, came back and said that for now, the separate room is the right move, and gave me a URL for their very thorough "ask for advice" web site.

Home, opened the carrier in the hallway, Zoe sauntered to her room, and went in.

Spook was spooked by the carrier, she does not like being in the car or going to the vet.

I was not feeling all that great, so went to bed till about 3. Spook liked the open window, and guarded me from there while I listened to music from my phone. Then some Zoe time.

Filled in the humane society form, reviewed the advice, part of which was a gate in front of Zoe's door, so the cats could interact safely. Ordered one from Amazon. So many to choose from!

No lunch. When the car said it was charged, I drove to the community center and dropped off the rent. Just in time to see that the Friday monthly musicals video of Into The Woods had been canceled. I hadn't been planning to go, that finale drives me up a wall.

Back home, rearranged the laundry room a little to pull the pee-aroma counter top rug off, and throw it into the wash with the pee-soaked Zoe blanket. I may need to give the former a second round with some bleach. Tricky because it is navy blue.

Reheated last night's dinner and made it through okay, watching USC not show up for the Cotton Bowl. Amused the heck out of me that it's sponsored by the Goodyear blimp, but the game is in a closed-roof stadium.

Football peeve de jour: players with generational designations after their names. One O-state guy is IV. I suppose in some cultures, it's rare to know who your great-grandpa was. But IMHO, if none of your namesake ancestors was a sports figure, there is no reason to add that II, III or IV to your jersey. And unless your boy is playing ball, "Sr." isn't called for either. Especially in college.

Email from Kaiser, there was a culture test I forgot about. Several metric tonnes of E. Coli in my urine.  and a note from my doctor's holiday backup that cipro will take care of that.

Phoned my middle sister in Baltimore, and we exchanged medicals. She suggested I toss the fancy lettuce, since there had been a recall which matched my plague. Done.

Janice emailed, coffee tomorrow at 5. Should be doable.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Depending on what % human I feel:
Move the short cat trees back to the piano room from the guest room
Move the almost empty linen rack out of the guest room to ???
Assemble the tall cat tree in the guest room
I may need to go to a sporting goods store for weights for that
Star wars?
Coffee w/janice, give her her calendar

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