Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shakey Saturday -backdated

Another night without a journal entry because of the horrible hyper-ventilating shakes.

Saturday started off fine. Up around 10, took drugs, made sunny side up eggs for breakfast, on a piece of rye bread. Back to bed for a few hours, up around 2-ish to make lunch and more drugs.

In the recliner, watched a college bowl game, UW was not on until after 4, and I had a coffee date with Janice at 5. So I shunted that to replay time.
Met Janice, gave her a calendar, heard her 2 weeks of tales of woe, and was fading by 6.

On the drive home the shakes hit. Very scary, but no place to turn off the road in that horrible multi-lane merging on-ramp. Somehow made it home, 2 exits.

Had to push the box of litter cartridges into the laundry room from the carport landing.

Wrapped up in the warm robe, tried to wait it out, finally went to bed and covered up.

Puzzled because my temperature is back to normal most of the day, urine is clear and doesn't smell chemical any more.

Plans for Sunday:
Stay in bed as much as possible
Watch the 49ers try for another win
Install the pet gate if it arrives


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