Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Woke up in the middle of the night sweating, but that passed. Back to sleep till 9.

No shakes today, probably because I mostly stayed in bed. Breakfast was again a pair of sunny side up eggs, one was a double yolk, but I overcooked them and they were hard, which did not help the rye bread underneath.

Watched some football as I ate, then turned off the livingroom TV and went to bed, turned on the bedroom TV which only gets abut 3 channels, but it was on the football game, so I was able to watch lying down, a lot of time with my eyes closed.

Got up for lunch, meatball marinara steamer bowl. A day early, recreational marinara becomes legal tomorrow.

Checked the front door, gate had been delivered. Set it aside for a while.

Watched some football, checked FB, took BP which was way low.

Took out the gate, read the instructions, tried to fit it in place, but it wouldn't make contact with both sides of the door frame. It's obviously adjustable to a much wider setting, so put it aside for a bit.

Spent a little Zoe time, but she wasn't interested.

Started up the 49ers game, but there was a very long pre-game sports center thing, by the time I FFed to the actual game there wasn't much slack left, so I paused it and tried installing the gate again.

There was a part of the instructions I missed, and one which did not quite match reality. Spread the gate and pushed real hard on the locking lever, and it snapped. A shame, because it looks nice and strong, just not the adjuster bar.

Watched the first half of the 49ers game, was feeling tired, went to bed and turned on the TV. It had the Ravens game on, which is fine because I have family and friends in that area. It was sad, they were all set to win, but penalties and bad play calling gave the ball back to Bengals, and then penalties and poor defense lost them the game in the last 45 seconds.

Got up after a while thinking of a corn dog for dinner, but remembered my traditional NYE "meal" of pigs in blankets was in the fridge freezer. Not the best, it has been in there for close to a year, I think. Or at least last summer. Pulled out a jar of sauerkraut, but it had gone bad, nuked some mixed veggies and got out a pickle. Ginger ale to drink. Tangerines for dessert.

Watched the 49ers not blow a huge lead, and crush the Rams. Rams' 2nd team, but still. Gift horse and all that.

Back to bed for a while.

Up & Facebooked, wrote a bad review of the gate and ordered a different kind, and here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay in bed as much as possible

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