Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

We'll have to see

Spent most of the day in bed. Crowbarred my way out at about 9 for a shower and a breakfast banana. Spent some Zoe time.

Things accomplished:
Corn dog for lunch
Opened the box with the 3-pack of litterbox cartridges
Changed Zoe's litterbox
Swapped out Zoe's big leaky water tower for a smaller, hopefully non-leaky one
In bed, binge watched Netflix Travelers
In the recliner, watched some of the college football games (don't have cable in the bedroom)

Got dressed to take the garbage bins out to the curb. Two neighbors were out, I gave them calendars.
(I had deposited most of the recycles in the bin on Saturday)
Took down my 2017 calendars and put up 2018
Printed more gold foil copyright labels and labeled all the remaining calendars. Intend to give them away at Worldcon
Put away some bills
Paid my DMV registration - it has doubled. :-(
Emailed 3 friends for snailmail addresses since I can't get to a BASFA meeting to give one to them. And there's one person I kn ow wants one whom I do not want to have The Chat with. She sabotaged the Worldcon panel she invited me to be on.

Had a low Hgl mid afternoon, ate some blueberries, mango chunks, walnuts & honey.

Sounds like a lot, but most of my time has been in bed. The fever hit around 8:30. I made some chicken soup & matzo balls for dinner & replayed the 6 o'clock news with its half hour special on cannabis. I need to talk to my doctor about getting a card for my sciatica.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try for a normal work day
Probably sync with boss

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