Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Swap Meet

Went to bed with a bit of a fever and woke up sweating a bit in the middle of the night. Not the best sleep, but not bad either. Felt well enough to go to work, even had time to make a sandwich for afternoon snack if needed.

At work early, but the bananas and eggs were avalable, I just had to go back later for drinks, but no big deal because I brought some vitamin water with me.

Kept binge playing The Travelers, which gets more and more depressing as Season 2 drags on. The episodes feel longer than 45 minutes.

The only email of the day was a cc about a bug I'd confirmed a long time ago, asking the manager if it was obsolete. Easy test - see if videos hang instead of continuing to the next one. I had to swap TVs to get the one in question on the desk to my left.

Lunch was a pair of pork buns, could have used more steam. Ziplock bags only work so well, too much water and the food is soggy.

Dessert was a chocolate pudding cup and a tangerine. They get the best tangerines at work, when they get them. Diet Coke to drink.

Back to the hole, no word from Boss, she forgot our sync. The team may be moving this week, I'll find out more later.

Call from Humane Society, got lots of good advice. The counselor said she thinks the best next step is to swap places - put Spook in the guest room and give Zoe the run of the house. Bring Spook down a notch, let Zoe get comfortable in the rest of the house.

Stupid car swapped from battery to gas engine because it thinks I don't use it enough. It seems to only do this on spare the air days. I will complain, someday. Put 5 gallons in because it was below 1/4 tank.

Safeway, managed to spend $100. The big ticket items were Tylenol (generic) and cat treats. Re-stocked the healthy choice steamer bowls and the fruit bowls. Couldn't get PNB - the aisle was blocked - and they did not have any low sodium tuna. Maybe I got that at Lucky's. Or a bigger Safeway. Almost bought a Bavarian chocolate cake, but I can't have that much dairy. Boo hiss.

Home, traffic was very light.

Put stuff away, reclinered for a few minutes, then took Zoe out of the guest room and parked her in the guest bathroom across the hall, Spook walked right into the guest room, aided by a nudge from my foot, and I carried Zoe to the recliner. She jumped off to the side table, and seemed stuck there, so I put her on the floor. She has found some of her old favorite spots.

She also likes to guard the neighborhood from the window sill behind her.

Dinner was sweet & sour chicken steamer bowl, mango popsicle and about 1/3 of a fruit bowl of strawberries & blueberries, while watching the 6 o'clock news and PTI.

Shot up, took my bedtime meds, and am headed to bed early. Will probably do some reading before zzzzz's.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ping boss
Watch the catcams

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