Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another early to bed, early to quake

Went to bed early, fever was creeping up on me but my thermometer said it was normal. Did a lot of reading, on my first pit stop Zoe took a tour of the bathroom, but went back to her cabinet top.

At about 2:30 am, the house shook me awake (4.4 quake about 50 miles NE) and when I sat up in bed, also sitting up was Zoe, who was near my feet in the corner of the bed I am most likely to not occupy. Petted her, went back to sleep. She was still there every hour after that - it was one of those nights, hourly pit stops. She followed me into the bathroom and was exploring the rim of the tub when I brushed my teeth, and then she jumped into the tub, looked like she was chasing a spider.

When I got out of the shower, she was still in the tub - she was batting around a plastic ear wax remover (kind of like a Q-tip, but plastic bulb with criss-cross pattern on one end, spoon-like scoop on the other).

She bolted when I got dressed.

AG called at 8:15, way early. Turns out Amazon has moved his team to EPA, a 20-minute longer commute. The story is the building near their current one which they were supposed to move into this week was not ready, so they will be in this highly inconvenient, high crime area for 6 months while the crew gets their real digs ready.

Discovered that with the carton removed, the steamer bowls fit easily into my lunchbox.

101 to work, the only slow traffic was the on ramp. If I hit the lights wrong, it adds 5 minutes. Grabbed a banana, still no eggs, so I grabbed a baby round cheese for protein.

Reset a James Bond machine and started running random tests from the newly revised automation suite. Also continued testing another TV which was good enough to fail in a similar, but more graceful way. Kind of like the way MSFT mostly did away with the BSOD.

Lunch was pretty quiet. Beef & broccoli steamer bowl, cut fruit, meds.

Balmy weather after yesterday's cold rain. Must have been high 60's. Very picturesque cloud formations.

Boss visited a little early to give me a unit from Europe which needed a quick test, which she forgot I'd given back to her. She gave me a couple of projects, told me to expect a TV from one of the other managers, and I filled her in on Things Medical. She reminded me to fill in my time sheet as if I had not taken time off for the doctor.

After she left I called for an appointment - my doctor is out till Monday, Kaiser's web site isn't smart enough to let me make an appointment with her backup. I had to call to do that.

Other manager brought the TV at 5:15, just enough time for me to set it up running an overnight test, and go home.

Back roads till 101, then IFH, which was backed up 2 light cycles worth.

Zoe was on her counter top by the carport door. It was tricky getting the pet gate box inside without her going outside.

Set out treats for her & topped off the water fountain, then did the same in Spook's room. Spook took almost all the petting I offered, something she doesn't do when she has the run of the house.

Watched the news, and maybe PTI, dinner was chicken soup with matzo balls and a small piece of Banquet fried chicken plopped in. Fruit popsicles for dessert.

As I was typing this, Zoe walked across the desk twice. She has also explored the cat tree, window sill and one of the boxes under the table. And now she is sitting on the floor yelling at me.

This morning the AT&T phone sold for about twice what Verizon offered as a trade-in. Also, they give credit toward crap I don't want, not cash. I prefer eBay. Someone left two scam messages telling me I should mail it to her friend, and a second person had left a barrage of questions less than an hour before the auction ended (I was still asleep). I was won by someone in Chicago. It is now in a USPS small flat rate box, ready to be mailed.

Also delivered was a 3-month supply of Kleenex. I like the little cube boxes. More expensive, but take up less space.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO - drop off eBay package
Kaiser MV - doctor, probably labs

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