Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One More Round

Kind of sleepless night, Zoe kept me company again. Did sleep better than last night.

Killed the lights & alarm at 7:30 because I had time. Out at about 9, dropped off eBay sale at PO, then to MV Kaiser, substitute doc whom I had seen before checked me out, ordered another round of tests.

Down to the lab, gave them pee & blood. Then to work.

Mob scene in the break room, got a banana but nothing else. Went back in an hour for drink & Kind bar.

Checked the overnight test, it went well, the three tests which failed also failed when I re-ran them. Then on the the manual tests, which was a summer festival because the test suite thought it was a set top box instead of a TV and many of the tests didn't apply. And to make things interesting, the hardware was broken, so no audio tests. I'm still trying to think of how to report the results.

Lunch was a steamer bowl, chicken something. Lots of tiny broccoli. I can tolerate it in tiny pieces. Mostly quiet except for a couple of Type A's across the hall on their cell phones.

Finished the tests about an hour early, played Thai music videos on YouTube till quitting time.

Lab results trickled in, I think they will want me to go to the big clinic for kidney tests. Kind of scared about that. Not the tests, but the inevitable.

Home, took a long route out to Central, it's dark and wet, did not want to battle bicyclists on the back roads. Central has bike lanes, mostly. And the bikers usually are well lit & aware that sharing the road is a farce.

Zoe met me at the door, she had been camping out on the bed. I gave her treats & took some to Spook, who almost escaped. Petted her as much as she would let me. Maybe this weekend is time to put up the gate. Maybe.

Falafel & hummus for dinner, fruit popsicles for dessert. Loaded the dishwasher. Need to do laundry.

Watched PTI and the news.

Zoe is sleeping on the 2nd highest platform of the office cat tree. Keeping an eye on me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
1 pm Jedi movie 3D, try to get there by 12:30
There's probably some football to watch in the afternoon

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