Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A day went as planned, plus

Zoe kept me company last night, but bailed when I decided to sleep past 8. Not long past, though, 8:30 I was up and doing my morning routine. Sunnyside eggs on rye for breakfast.

Yesterday on the way home, the replacement Samsung phone kept disconnecting with Bluetooth, a known problem. Decided to bite the bullet and buy a Google Pixel phone. Car GPS said there was a Verizon store in the Mercado, where I was going to see a movie, but that space is now a Krispy Kreme, so I drove to the other side of town to the next nearest one. Got the phone quickly, but since there was email and maybe messages and calls I needed to be ready for I didn't fire it up.

Got to the Mercado, turns out the Samsung had been deactivated. Boo, hiss.

Movie at 1, checked in at 12:30. Only 2 other people in the theater. By showtime only about a dozen. Jedi movie, 3D.

Kelly Marie Tran, who played Rose, knocked it out of the park. Very emotional seeing Carrie Fisher. And Mark Hamill. I liked what they did with the Supreme Commander and the crystal foxes, but not the porgs. The final minute was epic, very Les Miz. All in all I liked it more than I expected. One thing which I am torn about is they filmed it with the look & feel of the first movie. I liked the effect, but it also meant fewer ILM fireworks.

When I emailed Janice that I was seeing it, she arranged to see a different movie in the same theater half an hour later (hers let out just before mine) and we met at the Starbucks in the Mercado. She's off to PV next weekend. Annual trip.

Home, Zoe was on the laundry countertop, guarding the carport.

Watched the Falcons/LA game on and off while copying data from the Samsung to the Pixel. PIA entering all the passwords and pairing devices all over again.

Dinner was turkey leg & mixed veggies on rye, popsicles for dessert.

Shirts are out of the dryer and in the laundry basket on the bed.

Checked on Spook, she allowed some petting but ran under the futon when I tried to pick her up. Typical.

While I was watching TV, Zoe jumped up and curled up on my tummy. When I got up she took over the seat. 

Unloaded the dishwasher.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch football
More phone updatery
Take out the garbage

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