Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Did way too much for a relaxation day

2:30 am Hgl was 50. Zoe followed me from the bedroom to the kitchen to the livingroom as I dealt with it. She seemed confused.

Back to bed, more pit stops than I wanted. Finally up around 9.

Eggs for breakfast again. I still have 4 left.

Watched football on and off all day, and also switched between Animal Planet and the History Channel. Wildlife law enforcement in Maine and NH on the former, BS about Templars in New England on the latter.

Unpacked the new pet gate and installed it. This one was much easier. Opened Spook's door and she jumped the 3' fence like a steeplechase horse. Amazing, I have only seen her jump a foot at a time in the past. Caused Zoe to panic and make rude noises till I put Spook back in her room with the door closed. A pity. it's a nice gate.

Did a bit of installing apps on the new phone, I have everything essential installed and signed in, including pairing with the car's BT. Need to pair the Hgl meter at work tomorrow. Figuring out how to add my own ringtones took way too much effort. But it's done.

I had the baked salmon and a bag of shrimp thawing overnight. Peeled the shrimp and put the meat in the fridge for later. Used the Cuisinart to pulverize the salmon, and a red onion, and some pickles. Added Miracle whip and mustard and a handful of walnuts. Set that in the fridge for later because that was a lot of work. Later used the hand held electric mixer with one mixer thing to make a decent salmon salad.
Had a weirdness moment, the phone kept telling me the guest room camera was offline. I went in there and repositioned it, and while I did that I saw my face, but in a different camera. Remembered that I'd taken out the guest room camera and replaced it with the one from the kitchen, and put a new camera in the kitchen. Phone was restored from an old backup. I was able to use my tablet to set that right.

Collected all the garbage and took it out to the curb. Ditto the recycles. It took almost an hour to break down & bundle 3 weeks of online shopping boxes. Took that out to the curb, just in time for Amazon to deliver two pairs of pants. Broke that box down too and taped it to the bundle.

The trees across the street have blown lots of leaves into the gutter in front of my place, I took a broom and swept them back into the street. The park runs a street sweeper regularly, but rarely gets out the hose which has to be hand held, to suck the leaves out of the gutters. Rain is expected tonight & tomorrow. Maybe a lot.

Filled the hummingbird feeders, which were completely empty.

Toasted some whole grain bread and made enough salmon salad sandwiches for a week +. Froze two 1-sandwich servings as well. 5 sandwiches in the freezer, 2 in the fridge.

No lunch. too busy.

Dinner was pasta shells and shrimp and lots of spices. Delish.

Sad that the Bills choked, happy that Drew Brees' defense had his back when it counted. No, they did not play each other.

Updated the laptop - it took about 6 Windows updates and a Dell BIOS update.

Watched the news, they are still doing fire follow-up stories. And pot legalization follow up, with the Federal stupidity twist. And too much weather.

Took the shirts out of the dryer and arranged them on the bed. Zoe has been guarding them all evening. Need to hang them up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting to hear from my doctor
Maybe go to BASFA - with calendars

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