Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ho hum

Normal-ish day. Migraine in the morning caused by borderline low Hgl. Zoe kept me company all night. Recycle truck came by way early, I was able to wheel that bin back where it belongs.

Very wet outside, took the back roads and was happy that there were only a couple of bicyclers, and they didn't stay the course.

Bananas, no eggs in the break room, so I grabbed a baby cheese.

Figured out how to report the testing from Thurs-Fri, and sent email about it to Boss and product manager. After some back and forth, they determined that the TV needed to have a different model number hard-coded. Or maybe it was a different secret code. Anyway, Not My Probem™.

The London product manager wanted me to re-re-test his box and make videos. Pain in the butt, that guy. He could have asked for that last week when he asked me to re-test. And he refused to believe that one of the features which wasn't working correctly was the updated version. The videos will set him straight.

Lunch was salmon salad sandwich, and it was awful. I need to go back to the steamer bowls. Awful waste of salmon, but not surprised since it had been in the freezer more than a year. Table scraps bin will get the rest on Sunday. Eggs and Kind bars magically made an appearance in the break room.

Back to the hole, rainy but warm. More like Seattle spring than Bay Area January.

Had a respite from inane requests, so I was able to fill in a spreadsheet for Boss. Need to do another tomorrow for a later release.

5:30, headed home, last week's time sheet already approved.

Long slow drive. Rain & dark are not a good combination. The bad weather ruled out the cross-bay trip to BASFA.

Park person had put the garbage bin back, blocking the stairs as he always does, even though there was plenty of room for it between the aircon unit and the recycle bin. Yesterday I put the cover on the aircon unit, but probably need to get another cover, the glue holding the straps has deteriorated, can't seal the cover all the way.

Watched a lot of the football game, turned it off when Bama tied it after being down all game. Georgia players don't know how to open field tackle.

In the mail was a letter from Kaiser's alleged customer service, completely missing the point of my complaint that when you send a bill to someone who has auto-pay, it needs to say "don't pay this" or "this amount will be subtracted from your xxx account". And after getting it right on the boilerplate twice, she spelled my name wrong in the personalized part. She signed herself Cristal V. How unprofessional. She did include her phone number which I shall be using tomorrow.

Dinner was beef merlot steamer bowl, coconut popsicle and a late snack of walnuts and frozen blueberries.

I turned on the Bolt laser toy, it took Zoe a while to figure out that she was supposed to chase the dot. But when it had run its 15 minutes, she curled up on the floor and took a nap.

Checked in on Spook, she allowed petting, but when I rubbed her tummy she nipped at me, so I left.

Did not hear from doctors. Maybe tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Boss sync
Home. Nap?

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