Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still no word

Woke up about 5 times for pit stops last night. Zoe started at the foot of the bed, ended up near my ear. More on that later.**

Experiencing some cramps in my sides, almost armpit height, too high to be kidneys, I think. Winters I usually get cramps, but usually in my calves. Probably a side effect of kidneys dumping potassium.

Expected to hear from my doctor, but nothing today.

Tried calling Kaiser customer disservice person, whose voicemail says her name is Cristal Villa. No wonder she doesn't sign her letters with more than V. I looked her up online and she's several condos in Mexico. But seriously, she was on LinkedIn 8 years ago, from the looks of her two listed jobs, she's minimum wage. She didn't return my call, I kept getting her voicemail. Will try again tomorrow.

Finished the spreadsheet for Boss, was hoping she would come down for sync, because I need more work to do, but she didn't.

Lunch was beef with broccoli steamer.

Spent most of the afternoon watching CES live feeds. There was an interesting panel on the future of medical wearable tech, and two items caught my attention:
A wearable Hgl meter, looks like a patch on steroids, from Dexcom. I qualify, but don't want it because the bozos at Medicare won't pay for it unless I don't use my phone to check my results. Kind of useless that way.

Something susandennis might consider attaching to her swimsuits: called Spire.

CNet's "streaming backpack" was a great idea, but horribly implemented - it kept losing its internet connection. Takes talent to do that at CES. They seemed obsessed by robots, none of which were impressive or practical.

And way too many of the female reporters had British accents.

5:30, headed home, which was a mistake. Should have charged the car for an hour. Traffic was insane. Worse than yesterday, even without rain. Many people had their wipers on, even though it was not raining. WTF?

**I re-read the humane society instructions on the cat swap, and missed the part where I was supposed to swap them daily. Zoe has been out a week, or so. So I swapped them again, the point apparently is for Spook to sniff around and get used to Zoe's scent in Spook's favorite places. She appears to have done so.

To make up for it a little, I gave Zoe her favorite wet food, topped off the kibble and water. She did some climbing on the cat trees and the keyboard, settled on the futon, and is now under it. Spook is on the cat tree by the porch windows.

Dinner was clam chowder, use it or lose it by the expiration date.

Still not feeling 100%. Some dizzy spells. I suppose I should check my BP.

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