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This month's South Bay Peace Corps alumni hang-out was one of the better ones. Including me there were 7 RPCVs, representing Ghana, Ukraine, Thailand, Romania and I forget the other two. There was an MBA student/intern, software engineer, grade school teacher, law professor, and a couple who are in the process of moving to Oregon to be Peace Corps recruiter and wife (she says she'll find something to do for a living there).

Very lively conversations, thanks to the diversity, and also the excellent interviewing skills of the law professor.

I'd rode light rail to downtown Mountain View, and walked the bike the three blocks to the venue, then biked the mile home. Not much biking today, 4.5 miles approximately.

Work foo hit several fans today. The fellow in charge of pre-sales decided, against the wishes of pretty much everyone in the company, to install un-finished, un-tested software at two sites. He did the same thing at several sites (including these two) last year. He also has given the green light to install un-tested, unfinished software on makeshift hardware at a site I am in the middle of getting up and running. I'm very very close to walking. But I'm also very close to being broke, and the job market sucks. Not sure what I am going to do. 
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