Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring day, not so boring night

Slept okay, but Spook didn't keep me company the way Zoe did. Had a series of dreams I have had before, which I can never remember except that they are in a format/formula unrelated to real life.

Wasn't ready for the alarm, stayed in bed till 8. Spook jumped onto the bed for a second and then ran to the livingroom. Usually that's a hint for treats. Yup.

Not on the road till 9:10, traffic was okay, but without the commuter lane (which opens to all at 9) a bit slower.

Banana, diet Coke and egg acquired, and a small navel orange. And a Kind bar.

In the hole, there was some more email from the London manager, and Boss gave me a new command line command to grab a lot of data from the London box, which I sent along. Asia manager did his usual job of misinterpreting the data. He has a talent for that. I have no idea why London manager brought him into the conversation.

Started watching live feeds again from CES, until they suddenly disappeared. Turns out the biggest consumer electronics show in the world had a power outage. The excuse from the show reps is yesterday Las Vegas had more rain than ever in its history, and lots of underground conduit was inundated. The live streamers (there are about 6) moved out of the main hall, and out into the peripheral show areas. It apparently was a very nice day, the show reps encouraged the geeks to play outdoors for a change.

Two of the more interesting streams came back online late afternoon, but not CNet. Engadget had a very young MC who was way more impressed by some of the items than they deserved. That was the only stream which didn't have audio issues, too.

Called the locksmith about the problem getting the key into the shed door knob. He said graphene was their first choice, wd-40 would work.

Bit a couple of bullets:
-Withdrew $$ which had been accumulating in my brokerage account from funneling dividends into a money market. Enough to cover most of my 0% credit card debt, which is soon to be 15%.
- After some research, called an installation company to install a Nest thermostat. They will be here Friday noon-4 time frame.

I forgot I had a lunch date with my contract rep for Friday, tried to change it to tomorrow, but he's booked so it will be a week from tomorrow. Kicking myself because Nest installers gave me tomorrow afternoon as first choice, but I said no because Boss sync is scheduled. Which may not happen.

Nails place told me 6:15 instead of 6, so at 5:30 I drove down the block and parked at a car charger at another Google office. I should have taken the tablet inside and read till 6, but just stayed in the car listening to the radio.

No color this time, clear nails.

Safeway, bought everything on my list except graphene. They no longer have an automotive/hardware section.

On to CVS downtown, bought silicon lube and a small WD-40.

Home, unpacked all the things. Big envelope, unmarked, in the park slot. Those always make me nervous, but it turned out to be gas safety info from PG&E.

In the mail was my license plate tabs.

Delivered was the taller pet gate. Maybe this weekend. I suspect Spook can slip through the bars.

Swapped the cats back. It was easy - when I picked up Zoe, Spook came into the room, I just walked out and shut the door. Brought Spook some treats later. Zoe has been very active, up on tables, tried to jump onto the dryer but there was stuff up there, so that didn't work. Had to push her off the livingroom table, she kept trying to eat things.

Part of the Safeway trip was tuna salad makings. They had low sodium tuna. I think what messed up the salmon salad was not sticking to the recipe. I now have it in Google Keep. It's pretty simple, but even a double batch uses a very small amount of each ingredient. 4 Tbsp of celery & onions, 2 Tbsp of mustard and relish. 2/3 cups of Miracle Whip. I added 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts, so needed more Miracle Whip. A couple of grinds of pepper, and a squirt of lemon juice. Came out great. Made almost a loaf of sandwiches and ate the 1/2 sandwich worth which was left.

Dinner, though, was 2 corn dogs and some sauerkraut. And a small piece of black forest cake, now that I can have dairy again.

Still no word from my doctor. I should send some email.

Watched PTI, and an episode and a half of the Oak Island "mystery". Treasure hunt by amateurs. Well funded amateurs. Hit a funny bone - on a suspicious treasure map was the name La Rochefoucauld. The first high school play I was in, The Madwoman of Chaillot, my sister has this line:
"I think Madame La Rochefoucauld's whippet is getting rather thin"
It took her a long time to memorize the line.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch more CES if they have power back
Sync with Boss if she remembers
Home, cat swap

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