Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's late, I have a fever again, much happened but I will try to stick to highlights

Slept well. Up at about 10. Missed the window to get to the photo studio at the end of the photoshop workshop, left the house in time to get there just before the model shoot. Gave the owner a calendar, he liked Miss October, who was shot in his studio.

Nearest BB&B was at the Great Mall. Did the sodastream exchange and got everything on my list, then took it to the car. While trying to hold in a #1, had a #2 accident. Very messy. And it is a long way from the restroom, and both working stalls were occupied. Used a LOT of TP, and a lot of soap & water.

The restrooms were in the food court, I made the mistake of buying lunch at the faux Thai place. Should have made another pit stop, but drove home instead. A bigger mess, requiring a shower. Luckily, none got on my new jeans or Hawaiian shirt.

Usually Zoe would have visited the bathroom during this event, but she was nowhere to be seen. It was her turn in the house, Spook's turn in the guest room.

Looking all over, I saw this:

The vent had been in place when I left. I looked around where it might let out, but saw and heard nothing.

It was time to check on Spook, and saw this in the guestroom:

And then I saw this:

Off to the left, floor level, Spook was staring at Zoe.

The vents are a straight line, about 25 feet apart.

I invited Spook out, and closed the door. Zoe is back in her safe place again.

I am eager to hear what my Humane Society counselor has to say. Won't hear till Tuesday at the earliest.

The round table for the train set arrived, it's now set up and after some work with pliers to close gaps in the track, it runs fine.

Took some lactaid and extra immodium. Relaxed till 6:30, then drove to Campbell for karaoke. I had a fever, and got real cold toward the end, but sang 5 times.

Home around 10:30, not hungry. Hgl measured, overnight insulin injected. No update on Kaiser tests, don't expect any until Tuesday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Catch up on sleep
Catch up on football
Two Sundays this week, MLK Day Monday,no plans. Janice is in PV.
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