Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Plan A became B and C pretty quickly, with cat drama thrown in for bad measure

Slept almost all night without a pit stop. Backup doctor's suggestion of upping one of my drugs seems to be paying off.

However, it may also be responsible for the latest lab test, which said the infection is back.

My regular doc emailed me that it's lower grade than before, but had me pick up another round of that drug which licked it the last time.

So instead of relaxing all day, I drove to Santa Clara (only pharmacy open at Kaiser on a Sunday) and waited 10 minutes to place an order which only took 5 to fill.

On the way home I stopped in at my local Chinese market in search of makings for Tom Ka Gai, a coconut milk based chicken soup, which requires galanga(l) and lemongrass. They had no galanga(l). [editor's note: most Thai cooks call it galangal, but in other Asian stores they sometimes leave off the final l].

Impulse said go to Milpitas and 99 Ranch market, The major Asian supermarket, but my bladder said stop at home first.

I think I had already installed the tall gate in front of the guest room. It fit well, and Spook could see no way over it or through it. She actually tried to dig under it but the hall runner was in the way. Zoe did not like that Spook was in sight, and stayed hidden.

But I digress.

On to Milpitas. They had bags of longans for $1.99.lb. That was the first thing that went into my cart. 3 bags, about 5 lbs altogether. I am addicted to that stuff. Next, found a lot of choices for galanga, got a medium sized one. Looks like a pale oversized ginger root. Lemongrass was next, then a couple of types of mushrooms, coconut milk in cans and frozen, lotus root, kind of as an experiment. I figure it will work well in Tom Ka. Bamboo shoots in refrigerated bag instead of canned. Chicken thigh meat (small pieces) and also about two lbs of Satsuma tangerines (with leaf-on). And half a roast duck, chopped. Might add some to Tom Ka. Maybe. And I always stock up on Ha gow (frozen).

Home, put stuff away, heated up some quinoa and some of the duck and called it dinner, dessert was about a pound of longans.

Was watching the Saints pull off an upset win with 40 seconds to go, when I heard screeching from the guest room. Spook had found a way through the bars and was bird dogging Zoe, who had retreated to the far end of a shelf containing old family photo albums. Spook was attacking from under the futon.

I went back to see the Vikings win - boo hiss - and then back to the cats, had to drag Spook out by her tail & scruff. In the process the gate came loose too much to bother with, so now we're back to Zoe in the guest room with the door closed, and me seriously considering giving Zoe away to a friend. That won't be for a few weeks at the soonest.

On the bright side, the Steelers lost. On the not so bright side, the Patriots are bound to absolutely CRUSH the Jaguars.

BofA keeps sending me these annoying messages that my EDD card balance is ready to review. EDD is the unemployment department, they issue a BofA debit card to pay unemployment insurance. I had set up an auto-transfer which sent all my EDD $$ to my checking account. I have not been on EDD for more than a year. When I tried to log into my EDD account, it said I don't have a user name. So I phoned the number on the screen and talked to a nice lady who told me that EDD doesn't allow cards to be deleted, because most people will use them again, but she was able to take my email address off of the account so I won't get annoying messages.

In other news, having a discussion on FB with a friend who should know better, who claimed that American Cheese is not allowed by the FDA to be called cheese because it contains vegetable oil. So during my 99 Ranch run, I took a picture of Kraft American Cheese (the one he claimed was oily) and there is nothing in there except dairy products and preservatives. No oil. He tried to backpedal and say there were other kinds of American Cheese, but I found out that there's a Federal regulation which requires anything with that name to only contain dairy products. Kind of like a trademark. And he's still making up stuff, so I'm done.

Plans for tomorrow:
It's MLK Day, no work (no pay)
Take drugs & take it easy
Do some research on edible cannabis, the kind for pain relief not the kind to get high on. zyzyly has mentioned gummies, but unfortunately those stick to my dentures. Maybe visit the local apothecary. Maybe. 

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