Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Could Have Been a Boring Day

Slept well, except for Spook leaving a small foam ball on my bed. She jumps on the bed and bats it around, then runs away. At 4:30 am.

Not sweaty, so maybe the drugs are working. Actually, I know the infection is cleared up because  my pee no longer smells like a grade school chemistry set.

After yesterday's waste of time at work, I slept in, and didn't leave the house till 9:15. At work by 9:30, the last 7 minutes was in the exit only lane.

Grabbed a banana, egg, kind bar and baby cheese. Lots of people in the break room doing what appeared to be actual work. One woman created a major league breakfast with oatmeal, banana, apple, cashews and maybe even trail mix (it has a lot of raisins).

Good news in the Hole, Internet was back up. I had to reboot my linux box to get online, but then messaged the manager who had done all the heavy lifting, to let him know it was fixed. Then I had to do a sudo reboot to install a special security patch. Strange but true, that didn't break anything. The patch had nothing to do with the outage.

Just as I was about to resign myself to a day of CES replays (the two tests units on my task list were not ready for me), Boss asked me to test an app on one of the more stable Android TVs called Twitch. It's mostly an app which lets you be a voyeur and chat room nag for a whole slew of online computer games. It took a while to find actual content, and when I did, it was in Thai, because of the time difference. US gamers are not on at 10 am. That's 1 am in Bangkok.

After it was clear that the GM was an obnoxious bore, and was taking forever to set up the game, I poked around some more, and found gamers from all over the world, but only saw the chat column on the right hand side, no content on the big video space which is most of the rest of the screen.

Boss suggested a gamer she knew who would be on at 2. So, 1 pm lunch, Tuna salad sandwich and longans. Some eye candy but they were seated behind me.

I finished the way too long space opera trilogy  Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins: A Collected Trilogy by Randolph Lalonde the other day. There are more than a dozen sequels, but his writing did not grab me enough to justify continuing, especially since the trilogy was way too long as it is. Now I'm on to a more compelling piece of writing, Follow Me: A Quest in Two Worlds by Ken Howard. A genius mysteriously disappears and is presumed dead, but on his PC his little brother finds an advanced RPG obviously meant for him to find & play.

Back to the Hole, found Boss' gamer, and a bug. So a chunk of the afternoon was confirming the bug applied to most of the game sessions, and then writing it up. By now there were no more Thai gamers online, but plenty from Europe, Korea and China. And the US. There were not a lot of women hosting games, but there were more than I expected.

End of Day, drove home, same route as yesterday but it took 20 minutes longer with traffic. I kind of knew that would happen. Maybe tomorrow I'll take that route but get on 237 instead of Maude.

Nothing delivered.

Tom Ka Gai reheated for dinner. Frozen melon balls for dessert. Watched PTI, the news, and two separate Oak Island offerings, the first one, though, was FF central - it was a compilation of everything I've already seen. The second one was mostly padding, but there was a full 20 seconds of a new discovery. Okay, it was 15 minutes of TV but 20 seconds of actual content. The next episode will probably have a scientific analysis of that new discovery. I also expect them to actually sift through the piles of dirt which the now-massive drill has dug up. Or they may punt that one more week into the future.

Spent some Zoe time lying on the futon, and she jumped on top of me, but when she decided my jeans was a scratching post I left her to her treats, and refilled her water.

Threw all the bedding into the laundry. Will put different sheets/pillowcases on the bed but the blanket and quilt will go back on.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch with contract rep

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