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Another good sleep, another Spook petting session on the bed right at 7:30. Took my time getting out of bed.

Morning stuff done, packed lunch and got onto 101. Mixed traffic, unpredictable stopped sections and 65 mph sections.

No bananas in the break room, but a Kind bar and a couple of small packets of a new peanut butter product. There were eggs, and diet coke (though I brought my own vitamin water, which they were out of).

In the Hole, more Twitch, then fired up another TV and browsed YouTube. Watched the bald eagles take turns feeding the two fledglings. Dad definitely favored the stronger one. Weaker one had to turn around and make space for himself - after 15 minutes he gave up on waiting for dad and stole bits of fish out of dad's beak as dad was feeding himself.

Tuna salad sandwich and longans for lunch. Diet Coke.

Back at the lab, I had the building to myself. Not unusual for a Friday. Today is the day my team moves out of the prestigious Googleplex and down a back alley into a slum of its own. It is a tiny building on a dark street. I theoretically have a corner/ slanted window desk space. Since I'll almost never be there, I deeded it to the guy with the no-view seat next to me. I didn't know about the view at the time.

Saw something on UPI's web page that ULA was launching a satellite at 4:30-ish my time, from Canaveral - so a night launch. When the time came, I was on it. This time (unlike the Vandenberg launch last week) it went without a hitch. They even had an Air Force captain to explain to the MC what the satellite project was all about. The Captain is an adorable 20-something very female PR type. I saw two silver bars and thought Lt. - but Air Force Lt. (I looked it up later) is one bar. Anyhow, her makeup was flawless.

Shut off all the TVs, and aimed for home. First two legs were slow, a little slower than usual. The rest was pretty sparse.

Home, in the mail was my 2018 CA fishing license, and a ridiculous note from my mortgage company.

The mortgage company had changed its name during last year. The note was a copy of my insurance with the old name of the mortgage company, demanding I have the insurance company change it and I need to send them the corrected title page.

That is so stupid. They should be contacting my insurance company and getting it done - they're the ones who changed their name. They need to deal with it.

And the experiment begins. At 6:45 pm I took one of the pot pills. 11 mg CBD 5.5MG THC. I started to feel a little drowsy (the intended effect) at about 8. The label said between 60-90 minutes, accurate, that.**

Two hours later I have made dinner - green curry shrimp and roti. The roti comes pre-made and frozen, but needs to be cooked. It was pretty good. Watched PTI and the news.

I swapped the cats soon after I got home. Zoe was very nervous for the first couple of hours, but she had settled down. Jumped up on my lap for a bit while I was watching the Graham Norton NYE show. She's been on the cat tree but now is on the floor by my feet yelling at me. I know not why.

Had to go into the Spookified guest room twice, in response to FB. Once to look someone up in my high school yearbook who died today. He was a year younger than me and his only activity was football. So no, I don't remember him. The second time was to look up the spelling of the name of one of the Peace Corps staff who was also a housemate for a while. Tried to find him online, but didn't. I found someone with the same name and maybe the same age on Linked In, who lives in Thailand, but his bio makes me doubt it is my Tom. And then I found him on LinkedIn, just by adding the name of the city in Thailand where the not-my-Tom is living. Turns out that's where my Tom was posted in PC.

Plans for tomorrow:
The pot place closer to me. I did some research this afternoon. They have an in-house pot farm viewable by the customers. They also sell plants.
Build the cat tree in the guest room. First, move out the small cat nooks back to the piano room.
Bedtime - try some of what I bought

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