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Zoe was out last night (and continues to be). She spent a lot of time on the bed with me, but when she made her way to the head of the bed she kept biting my hand.

Slept well, pit stops were few and far between, but still at awkward times.

The pot pill had mostly worn off by bedtime. No sciatica pain, but I didn't have any yesterday either. It's sometimes intermittent. Not cyclical. When it comes, it stays for days, maybe weeks.

Eggs on sourdough English muffin for breakfast. My last eggs. I will transition to eggbeaters.

Plan A achieved. ATM, got enough cash to cover what I planned to buy. Then on to the Airfield pottery. It is in familiar territory, just past the soul food place on Coleman, they have gutted a drab brown apartment building and parking is the apartment's old lot, spaces on both sides and in the back. A Sikh in a rent a cop outfit made sure nobody had an easy time parking. Cretin stood behind my car as I was trying to back up to park between the lines. At the same time he was motioning for a F150 to park next to me.

Unlike Buddy's, this place was busy. ID was checked at the door, then there was a 20-minute wait to reach the receptionists (there were two of them, but they had to wait for there to be room inside). Inside it was another half hour in line. The outer line was interesting, it had a view of their pot farm. Lots of medium-sized plants, looking very healthy.

Finally got to a station (there were about 6-8 of them) and asked about live plants. We went over to the rack by the door, where there were about a hundred saplings, organized by type (banana-strawberry, blue sky, etc.) but I was only interested in a healthy plant, which he dug out of the mix for me. Customers can't touch. He had it boxed and brought to the station by a minion.

I also got two dark chocolate bars,  all THC, the other a 1:1 mix with CBD. This puzzled him until I explained I wanted to try both sides of the spectrum. The sapling was only $16, which floored me because online they say plants are > $100. Those must be the full sized ones. This left me with a bit more cash so I added some cookies. Low dosage 1:1 CBD:THC. Everything was in display cases by each station, making add-ons easy. Had to remind myself this is an experiment, and be happy 2/3 of my ATM withdrawal is still in my wallet.

Arrived at 11:30, walked out at 12:30. If there's a next time, online orders skip the long lines. As it turns out, somehow the banks have stopped being paranoid, and they accept all cards except AMEX.

Home, was going to wheel the very heavy box with the new cat tree into the guest room, but found it difficult to stand. All that time in line, I got a major contact high. Poured myself some ginger ale, sat in the recliner and watched mindless TV for an hour.

Something on my to-do list almost got to-done. The idea was to replace the CFL bulb which some energy program installed in the laundry room with an LED one which can connect to the home system. The idea is to link it to a sensor on the dryer, which already turns on the kitchen lights when I come home. It would be nice to also have the laundry room on that, it's the carport entrance.

Got out the stepladder, and removed the plastic dome. There were two bulbs (I thought there was just one). I twisted one, and discovered the hard way (fall, smash) that it's not a screw-in, those idiots installed a pin-connect fixture. Closed it up, will look online to see if there are remote controllables in that form factor. I'm not keen on replacing the fixture.

Lunch was HC meatball marinara steamer bowl. Medicinal marinara, I think.

Fired up the Roomba, Zoe stalked it, but ran away when it came right at her.

Finally was sober enough to do the big cat tree project. The two small cat perches in the guest room were relocated next to the sofa, in half of the space made when I moved the #2 recliner across the room to clear a path to the thermostat.

I wanted to use the power screwdriver with an allen wrench attachment, but apparently that bit kit is at work. Couldn't find one in the office closet, so I had to build the whole thing manually. The instructions were pictures only, but pretty clear. While I was building it, Spook found the furry balls which were going to be hung from the top tiers, and chased them all around. For the most part she stayed out of my way.

After about an hour's work I took a break. Then back to work, and finished in another 40 minutes or so. Took the food tower out to fill it, and brought in some more water, and sat on the futon. Spook wanted to be petted a lot, but finally she tried out the scratching posts and climbed the tree. She didn't get to the top, she got distracted by the fuzzy balls, now tied with elastic cord to the bottoms of the top two tiers. It's solid, I'm happy.

Dinner was a turkey drumstick and mixed veggies. Popsicles for dessert. I took a while to get up for dessert because Zoe was curled up in the crook of my elbow. Waited till the end of the Sharks game - they won 2-1, the last 10 minutes was all defense, the penguins went empty net at about 5:00 left.

Played another 3-hour Oak Island recording, once again it was all recap. I wish Tivo had a 30-minute skip. Right now it's FF, 2FF, 3FF and 30-second skip.

Watched the news. Too much women's march (easiest thing in the world to cover). I don't march for several reasons. First off, by the time CA votes, the election is over. Second, women need to stand up for themselves without men. Third, CA has two women senators and about half of the reps are women. It hasn't changed a thing. Fourth, those pink pussy knit hats are nauseating. By wearing them, women are giving power to Trump's obnoxious words. And twelfth, Trump is doing what he promised to do, which is more than I could say for Obama after a year.

Also too much weather. Much of it wrong. And the sports guy simply re-ran stories and interviews he ran earlier in the week.

Did and put away two loads of laundry - jeans & t-shirts, shirts & socks.

Discovered that all the jeans in the guest room closet are 50". In the bedroom are 50 & 48, and new two thin 46" Wranglers. Ordered two pair of Levi's 46" from JCP. They were on sale - buy one, second is half price. $100 for two pair.

Transferred the $$ from Paypal eBay sale to my bank.

In about an hour I'll eat one of the high test THC chocolate squares. Make that 4 - one is about half the CBD of the pill. 20 squares (rectangles, actually) per bar, totaling 100mg of CBD and THC each. The other bar is only THC.

Plans for tomorrow:
Observe the overnight pot effects
Watch football
eBay, put the Huawei unlocked & Samsung Verizon phone up for auction. I have the original boxes, should get more for them.
Maybe make mashed potatoes from mix. I have two boxes of mix, have not been well enough to do anything with them
Swap the cats after dinner
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