Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pot test results, and Bad Football Sunday™

I ate 4 rectangles of chocolates which adds up to 20 mg each of CBD and THC. Last week's pill was 11 mg:5.5 mg. That was at 11 pm. I was already in bed, reading on the tablet from the Kindle app. In half an hour I was getting sleepy, and I'm pretty sure I was asleep by midnight. So the good news is the stuff does help me get to sleep.

Very soon, though, I woke up needing water. Dehydration which made my throat scratchy. Not something I expected from chocolate. Two more early morning wake-ups for that.

Slept well after that, Spook was on the bed yelling at me at about 8:30. After a quick pit stop it was clear I was still somewhat under the influence, walking a straight line took concentration, and balance was not 100%. Back in bed, where I slept till almost 10, checked email and webcams on my phone, watched some video, then up and showered by 11.

Tossed a way-expired eggbeaters mini carton, opened one with yesterday's sell-by date. Nuked some frozen cooked shrimp. Made a simple omelet from that and Italian seasoning, dill, black pepper and American cheese. Nuked my last piece of sourdough bread, and poured the omelet over that. Made for a nice brunch.

Watched mindless TV (Say Yes To The Dress) until the first football game was an hour in. Started Tivo replay, and watched most of the game. Jaguars had it in the bag, and then in the last 5 minutes drew some outrageous penalty calls - some highly questionable, then mismanaged the clock and lost the game. I hate to see the Patriots win anther rigged game.

Also recorded the Vikings/Eagles game, but Facebook friends who are Minnesota fans were posting not-happy thoughts, so I just FFed through it, watching the Philly score go up and up with no corresponding changes on the other side.

So it will be an east coast Superbowl. Boo, hiss.

Noshed on PNB, made what the box said was 6 servings of mashed potatoes, which fit into four 1-serving storage containers plus about a cup's worth which I ate. Good to have a side dish besides quinoa.

Broke down all the boxes, two of them for the gates needed to be slashed in half to fit the bundle size requirements. But had to wait till later to tape them together. **

Did some gardening, pulled up some bee's friend plants which are starting to take over the front garden. Needed to clear space for one of the more recent rose bushes. Dumped the pulled plants into the green rolling bin, but there isn't enough in there to justify rolling it out to the curb.

Used the last of my Round-up on some weeds growing by the shed. Nearby there are some saffron plants, had to be careful not to splash them. The main saffron section on the side garden is now just a bunch of stems. Turns out I missed the saffron collection time - I saw the buds but didn't try to harvest them. Chances are I was ill. Next chance will probably be autumn.

Delivered were three items from Amazon:
3-pack of litterbox cartridges
7-pack of Werther's sugar free caramels
2-pack of pin-to-screw-in light receptacle adapters

**The first two items are on subscription, and come in large boxes. So once they were put away I was able to break down the boxes, add them to the bundle and tape it all together. And haul it out to the curb, leaning against the recycle bin. 

Took the cover off the laundry room light fixture, removed the one remaining cfl lamp, installed the two adapters and screwed in a Wemo LED light bulb, which is supposed to link to my Samsung hub, and thence to Alexa and Google. But it wouldn't pair. I had it working a long time ago in the dining room lamp, but there's a grow light in there now.

Impulse, drove to Lowe's, only to find that they have stopped carrying remote-able bulbs. In fact. most of their home control stuff is gone.  So I drove back home, and ordered a 4-pack of <$10 LED bulbs which have the Samsung/Alex seal of approval. Two of them will go into the laundry room, the others will be spares. Or maybe the bathroom.

Kicking myself because I should have picked up more weed killer while I was there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe visit the new digs in the afternoon.

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