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Going to BASFA reminded me why I stopped going to BASFA

The Bay Area Science Fiction Assn. meets every Monday night at a restaurant, and for something like 15 years they met in places close to where I worked and/or lived. About a year or so ago, they had to move (venue closed, still empty), and the group voted to move to the other side of the bay, which made them a PIA for me to get to.

I tried a couple of times when there was a Monday holiday, but with the change of location came a change in attendance, and the meetings became, for me, more annoying than entertaining. Tonight wasn't so bad, the main irritant was missing, and the handful of people who used to hold their own conversations paid attention to the meeting. But some people just don't know how to stop talking. There were reviews which lasted forever, and then later the same people had more reviews.

Usually I make a pun or two, but there was no inspiration this time.

On the pro side, I took someone's advice and went home for an hour before getting on 237, aka the freeway to hell. At 7:30 it was almost speed limit all the way.  My main reason for going was to give a calendar to an artist who loves my work, and is technically homeless, so noplace to mail it to. Turns out she is running the art show for Contact again this year, it's in Sunnyvale, and she expects me to display some photos. It's not till April, plenty of time to have some new prints made.
Slept okay last night.
Up and out early. Wanted to phone AG, but I think his new commute will make that a non-starter.

There was a crowd in the break room, but also bananas and eggs and baby cheese. No Kind bars, no oreos.

Early in the day Boss forwarded to me a notice that my contract has been renewed until December 4. That would be my 2-year mark, and after that if I am still a contractor, I will need to find work elsewhere for 6 months. Boss is working on making me a vendor, which would do away with the time limit, but that's still to be worked on with my rep.

Put away the James Bond machine, the instructions on how to update it are wrong, and I need to wait for an official release before I can do any testing. The release is in limbo.

Meanwhile, the instructions for a different chipset box were updated, and I was able to put the latest release on it. First thing I did was install Twitch, and it failed big-time. Added info and logs to the bug report.

And that was about all the work for the day. Watched some games, and some YouTube and Netflix.

Lunch was crowded, apparently field techs, one of them wearing enough scent to kill a buffalo. They didn't leave till 1:30.

Heated up a tuna salad sandwich, longans for dessert.

5:30, I drove to the new office, and it is a dump. It's in a dark corner dead end. No charging stations. Probably enough parking spaces. The best way to exit right now is by cutting through the movie theater parking lot and out its exit, which has a traffic light. The street the dump is on has a traffic light newly installed, but not yet operational after at least a month. When they power it up it will solve that problem.

Home about 6:15, had till 7:30 to kill, so I spent some time with Zoe, who wasn't particularly interested, and then took the cars off the model train track, flipped over the tracks, and used a pair of pliers to snap all the connections back into place. Put the track back face-up, carefully set the cars on the track, and it ran like a champ. Scared Spook out of the room, but she came back after I turned off the train. The outlet is on a remote controlled switch which I can turn on/off from anywhere on my phone, but for the cars to move I have to keep the remote control powered on and the dial set to forward. Hard on the batteries.

7:25, on the road for Milpitas, got to the diner at 7:35. Meeting starts at 8, plenty of time to find the artist and give her the calendar.

Home at 10.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync? Unlikely with the move.


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