Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

In Sync again

Slept well with the usual pit stops. Spook clawed at the bed at 7:30 but didn't stick around.

After my morning routine, I made the mistake of opening the guest room door a crack to look in on Zoe, but Spook snuck in, and I couldn't get her out from under the futon. Monitoring the web cams, she terrorized Zoe. Spook climbed to the top of the new cat tree, Zoe climbed over the top book rack, hiding in the corner. Spook guarded the food & water & litterbox all day. She did nip out for a minute to eat treats in the kitchen.

Work was almost boring. Tried to run a test on a local STB, every item failed with a message about the machine being a mismatch for the test. Twitch continues to amuse slightly. There is a set of channels called IRL (In Real Life) where people share their real life, a live Vblog. One woman was sewing a hem on a huge piece of cloth which will become the skirt on a princess gown. A 20-something chubby man's life is lying on his back on a sofa in just his tighty whities. Not an attractive sight. A 20-something woman with an impressive rack and legs and startlingly blue eyes was assembling a drone in her livingroom, the instructional video was visible/audible in the background. And so on.

Lunch was quiet, tuna salad again, banana & cashews & PNB for dessert.

Boss showed up for sync, we had a lot to talk about. She asked for some logs from the failed test machine, and said to try again with an official release. And also to do that for a similar STB. And she dropped off a new STB from Europe for smoke testing.

5:30 headed home, took almost an hour. Tomorrow will not be so bad, will be on the road later for manicure.

First thing, rescued Zoe from the top of the book case. Had to scruff her. Fooled Spook into the room and shut the door behind me, with Zoe in my arms. I set her down and she made a beeline for the litterbox, and then food & water. She's been on edge, bolts at sudden noises and so on. I was watching PTI, she jumped onto my lap and curled up in my elbow, but after 5 minutes she suddenly jumped up and ran away.

Dinner was some chicken rice & broccoli steamer bowl, and for dessert the bread pudding left over from last night.

Watched Beach House first episode. Not hardly enough T&A, mostly due to horrible non-beach choices for parties. Polo match and Pride parade. Gag me. It's summer in the Hamptons, need beach time. There was a short blip of hot tub nudity.

Delivered was a set of 4 allegedly remote controllable LED bulbs. Installed 2 in the laundry room, they paired right away. Alexa can control them, and I have them tied to a sensor in the laundry room. Google Home doesn't seem able to find them yet.

In the mail was my W2 from the contract company. I installed TurboTax, but quit when it was clear my contract company doesn't use the automatic download. I'll have to enter everything by hand. Logged onto MySocialSecurity, they won't have tax statements till the 31st. My brokerage won't have forms till mid-Feb. :-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Safeway (fruit)


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