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Not Conflikted

LJ reminds me that today is Conflikt's birthday. Conflikt is a filk (sci-fi music) convention in the Seattle area. This year it's at SeaTac. It used to be my favorite filk con, but they chose a really stupid venue for a few years, plus after my folks died I wasn't much drawn to Seattle anymore. The con is this weekend. The Interfilk guest is an old friend, and I'm puzzled why he was chosen because Interfilk was set up to allow filkers from overseas to attend each other's cons, and Bret is from my neck of the woods, and is currently living in Montana or Wyoming (I get them mixed up), but definitely not on the other side of an ocean. He's a great choice for GoH, or Toast...
Sleep was mixed, Zoe was all over the place but at some point she was curled up under my arm, purring and nipping at my hand. Not a lot of pit stops. My weight has gone up about 5# in the past week, blame trail mix. I need to stop snacking at work. Or stick to healthy snacks.

Took my time getting to work, and regretted it because the trail construction crews have blocked off half of my parking lot, and there was a huge tech support/intern confab in the break room building which took up all the parking. I ended up about a block away, halfway to the gift shop. And it was raining. Not much, but still.

There is now plenty of work for me. Today was a slow start because I needed to download firmware onto a USB stick and install it on the latest device from Europe. It's for a Swedish ISP. It took too long to pair the remote, because their support site is all in Swedish, and even after running Google translate, their search didn't find the word for remote control. I finally stumbled upon the magic key press, and paired it. But it took way too long.

This unit is a special case, the second of many to come, where the company which the box is for has a bigger say in what the UI looks like. The idea being that Android TVs are set up to make money for Google, where the ISPs would rather have their customers buying content from them. This one does a good job of splitting the difference.

By EOD I had worked through much of the smoke test, I'll need a couple more hours to finish.

Manager D dropped by, I gave him a demo of the automation test rig which the last TV he had me work on failed. I think he gets it now why I have to be in my lab to do those tests.

Email from some corp HR-ish person that there will be a team building event, a cooking class. But the venue is too small for all of us, so it will be split into two sessions. That's a team building FAIL right there. And I want a cooking class as a team builder only slightly more than I want hot pokers thrust into my eyeballs.

Email to my "hireme" address arrived from my new contract rep, saying email to my Google address bounced. So I sent email to him from there. I know he spelled my name wrong.

Lunch was crowded. And inconsiderate. One idiot team leader decided to hold a team meeting standing up around the counter with all the snacks, blocking the microwaves. I suggested there were more comfortable places in the room, but they laughed it off. Lunch was some kind of steamer bowl, chocolate pudding for dessert (it's been in my fridge a while now).

5:30, long trudge through the rain to my car. Very slow traffic to the nails place. My person told me that I should make my reservation for a fill, not a manicure, because a fill takes a lot longer, and scheduling...

This time I went for a two-layer color, a solid purple under a slightly sparkly same color. Looks interesting. There's a lot of blue in it.

On to Safeway next door, spent about $70, fruit bowls, strawberries, limes were huge so I bought 4, milk, small honey bear to replace the almost empty leaky one. They were out of small eggbeaters, both brand name and house brand. The big ones are too big for me. Also got 3 beef steamer bowls and 3 shrimp won ton soups. I wanted to just get won tons to put in my chicken soup, but they didn't have any. Pot stickers are not the same. Next trip to Chinese supermarket I need to get frozen won tons. Lemongrass, which stumped the checker, because I envison more Tom Ka in the future. And a pair of lamb shoulder chops, which will be paired with the other day's mashed potatoes real soon now.

Home, 101 was moving fast enough to take the back street cutoff. Delivered was a pair of 46" Levi's from JCP. I have yet to open the bag.

Changed the litterbox in the guest room, the one in the laundry room is close to needing a change too.

Dinner started with a bowl of shrimp won ton soup. Lots of garlic. Very tasty. Then some fruit from a fruit bowl, and then two large strawberries. FFed through more Oak Island BS, watched PTI while licking small spoonfuls of PNB. I need to stir up another jar's worth.

Zoe has been all over the place, but right now she is curled up on the cat tree overlooking the front porch. Spook has been under the futon in the guest room, which formerly was a favorite hangout.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe swap cats

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