Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The Day After Humpday

An article appeared yesterday about several camels being disqualified from a Saudi beauty contest for having Botox injections. It seemed appropriate news for a humpday.

Pretty good sleep, only woke once, about 4:30 am. Zoe was in and out of the bed. Mostly out.

Up and at 'em at 7:30, arrived at work half an hour early, which meant getting a decent parking spot. Lots of people in the break room to dodge on the way to the bananas, eggs, cheese & soda.

Set up the train to start on remote command. Tried it from work, monitored on a webcam.

In the hole, had a bunch of tests to run from yesterday. One of the fun parts of the job is if the device works well, it takes a lot less time because a box not up to snuff needs to have work-arounds tried**, and bug reports and logs downloaded and documented.

**For example, a couple of the games in the test plan require entering your age before it will let you play. Often it's a challenge to get the UI in a state where it will recognize either an on-display keyboard or a physical one, and today both games with this requirement took about 5 minutes each to find the right key combinations. In one case there is no reason to ask, in the other it's because there are optional in-game purchases which need to be made by an adult.

And if the machine crashes, freezes or reboots itself, I need to try a few times to make it do that at the same place to see if it's systemic or just a one-off.

Lunch was much less populated than yesterday, but there were a few people. I had left my tablet in the livingroom, but by chance I had my laptop, so I was able to fire up the Kindle app on it, and continue reading. A new book, The Great Symmetry by James R Wells. Well written so far, though he's a little awkward with his transitions between simultaneous events occurring in three locations. And one of the main characters is becoming a caricature.

Tuna salad sandwich, followed by a bag of fruit from the Safeway fruit bowl.

Back in the hole, finished the one unit, flashed another and saw it still fail all the automated tests. Switched networks and fired up Netflix, watched a couple of episodes of a TV show - the name escapes me - about high school kids in England, led by an egocentric but talented type A++ boy and boasting a variety of young character actors designed to creep you out. There is a lot of gratuitous nudity, butts and boobs.

Didn't even notice that Boss missed our sync.

Just before EOD, one of the managers sent a new STB, this one from a company I worked with a long time ago when I was installing equipment for TRW and training users in Winnipeg. I set up the box, will test it tomorrow/Monday.

Home, traffic wasn't too bad. Swapped the cats, Spook is curled up in the doggie bed behind me, and Zoe is on top of the tall cat tree in the guest room.

Dinner was a project. Chopped some onion, garlic, ginger and sautéed in peanut and olive oils. Cooked a pair of lamb shoulder chops. Heated up another bowl of shrimp won ton soup. Also a small tub of mashed potatoes. The lamb came out perfect, ate one chop and bagged/froze the other. The kitchen smells terrific.

Watched PTI, and also a talk by the author of what looks like an interesting book on spirit photography during the civil war. CSPAN, I think. Some interesting revelations about Matthew Brady and his contemporaries.

In the park slot was the rent bill. Entered that into Quicken, along with an order of socks I placed from work. My new shoes don't work well with crew socks, need something lighter weight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home - maybe with a Starbucks stop along the way.

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