Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too Glad It's Friday

Slept well. One pit stop at 4:30 am then woke at 7. But dawdled in bed with the tablet, ended up getting to work at 9:30. So I stayed till 6.

The Canadian box worked really well, so the testing went quickly, I was done by 4:30, which gave me time to double-check one anomaly which caused me to reboot the machine once. Not repeatable. Sometimes these STBs get into a strange state because they don't have much memory.

Breakfast was crowded again, Lunch too. Some bozo manager forgot to reserve a conference room and had his team, laptops and all, taking up the entire row of tables I usually sit at. And he was talking so they could all hear, which is not cool for a break room.

Sweet & sour chicken bowl, and most of a fruit bowl.

During the screen saver tests, I looked online for places to print the photos I want to exhibit. They need to be mounted on board so I can just stick a press-on hook on the back and hang them. Not messing with frames. Unfortunately, the folks who print my calendar don't print on board, and their poster sizes are too large for an art show display, and too expensive. VistaPrint also offers only large sizes, and they don't do photos, just text designs (marketing/presentation posters). Walmart and Walgreens both come close, but they want $15 a picture. Looks like I will be renewing my Costco membership, they do a good job, and even with the membership fee 20 poster board prints is less than the other guys. And faster. I am uploading my calendar candidates in the background.

BTW, the Netflix show I mentioned yesterday is called Skins. It's from the UK.

The pictures will be displayed at two science and science-fiction oriented shows, so probably not the same ones as the calendar. The egret in flight is definitely in, and the Monarch butterfly. I have plenty of time to decide.

From work I took the most direct non-expressway route to Great Clips and got my hair cut, and then next door for more fruit cups, a bag of Halos, two wedges of my favorite French goat cheese (surprised to see them at Safeway) and my hunt for won tons was rewarded - they had a whole freezer end case filled with Asian stuff, including three kinds of won tons, way too many kinds of snotlickers, egg rolls and such.

Home, tonight's dinner project was chicken broth with duck pieces and a handful of pork&shrimp won tons.

Watched PTI and an episode of Shark Tank.

Tried to swap cats, but Zoe is having none of it, and Spook is so used to being chased away by me that she won't go into the guest room by herself. I may try again later.

My auto insurance bill arrived, but it is not letting me pay online.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ping Janice. She ought to be back from PV
Print a rent check and maybe deliver it
Try to pay the insurance - call them
Lowe's - weed killer. Apply to weeds
Fill hummingbird feeders
Order poster prints

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