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Saturday Night Fights

1:30 am Sunday, actually. Woke up to tortured screaming. After a whole evening of peaceful co-existence, Spook went full-on bully, and had trapped Zoe in the laundry room, on the floor by the carport door. The noise woke me up, but the laundry room sensor triggered, turning on the laundry and kitchen lights. I picked up a screaming, fighting Zoe, and carried her to the guest room, deposited her on the cat tree and closed the door. She spent most of the day on the top tier.
9 am wake-up as planned. No breakfast, but grabbed a PNB&J sandwich (I made several last night) to go. Arrived at Yamagami's 15 minutes before the class, nobody there, but the lecturer's table was all set up with rose plants and a large number of accouterments. right at showtime, the room started filling up. SRO in 10 minutes.

She gave a very good talk, then demonstrated by eviscerating one of the rose bushes. Basically, she cut it back exactly the way Lee next door told me to do mine. When she cut the first large stem (aka "cane") the audience (except me) gasped. The speaker's lesson was (A) roses want to live, no matter what you do to them and (B) they will thrive better after a severe cut-back, just be patient.

She recommended some soil optimizers which Yamagami's doesn't carry, but also lots of stuff they do. Alfalfa was high on her list, also Epsom salts and organic rose fertilizer.

I had a space for a rose in my rose garden, next door neighbor cut back the juniper bush which had killed the last one. It took a while just to find the roses, the new owners made some major changes in the layout of the place. Where roses had been, now were huge glazed pots, the kind to plant a big tree in. Finally found three rows of roses in the covered section. Expected them to be in direct sun. Each variety has a card with a photo, describing color, scent and history. It took a while, three choices later I bought a red rose with a strong rose aroma. I don't have any solid red in my garden. Also bought two sacks of alfalfa meal, a small bag of fertilizer, two packets of cat grass seed, and a dangerous looking weed plucker trident. Paid for that, took it out to the car, where there was a vulture backing up to take my spot, so I was happy to bring the cart back inside, and spend 10 minutes enjoying the flowers and checking for knickknacks. I was hoping to replace the broken dino egg hatching ceramic, but they have stopped carrying that line of products.

Back out to the car, as expected the traffic had un-jammed, and I was able to leave vulture-free.

Next stop, Costco, picked up the prints, which fit into a surprisingly small packet. Major $$. Then shopped, it's been a long time, and many of my faves are no longer there, or are way too expensive. I did pay too much for a pair of Korean BBQ ribs**. Also stuffed grape leaves (I wanted stuffed cabbage, but they don't carry it anymore). Grapes, which may have been a mistake because one of the Safeway fruit bowls is all grapes. Way too much celery, some of which will end up in tuna salad. Pistachios. Croissants. Mushrooms - again way too many, but at least those can be sauteed and frozen.

Home, put food away, watched a little of the ProBowl, then went outside to plant the rose bush, spread alfalfa and fertilizer on all the roses, and then inside to collect the garbage, out again to wheel all the bins to the curb. I trimmed all the indoor hanging plants, added the trimmings to the green bin, and took it out to the curb.

Watched more of the ProBowl.

To Mountain View and coffee with Janice. She had a good time in PV. We talked a lot about my pot experiments, she has a friend out of state who may want to try it. But friend is not in a pot-friendly location, so I suggested having him visit. Not to take it home, which is a Federal crime, but to try it here and find out if it helps.

Home, watched the rest of the ProBowl, and typical NFL, after leading for the entire game, the AFC lost on a last-minute extra point and a last-second interception.

Very disappointed that they moved it from Hawaii to FL. Also disappointed that they hardly showed any of the cheerleaders during the halftime show, and cut away to two ugly bald men in the booth instead.

**Dinner was one of the two Korean ribs. I expected those thin flat cuts, but this was HUGE. About an inch high, tender, juicy, with the Korean sauce I love. Dessert was cut cantaloupe, there should also have been strawberries, but they had dried out.

It took four tries, but finally managed to swap the cats. Spook is in the guest room.

Plans for tomorrow:

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