Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Garbage Day Blues

One thing about the garbage is there is always more.
Slept well, Zoe kept me company most of the night, by the time I woke up she was curled up by my head again. A much nicer experience than Spook's usual of sleeping in the office and only making a token visit too early in the morning.

A little slow getting ready, AG called at 20 to 9, I was finishing my meds & lunch packing. Got to work about 9, there were parking spaces in my lot, but they were also pumping concrete so I parked next door. Not a lot of people in the break room, grabbed my usual breakfast.

In the hole, installed the latest official firmware on a local box. They make three sizes, this is the middle one, apparently the most popular choice for one of the big service providers. I was supposed to run a battery of tests, but the test rig kept saying the tests were not valid for that model, after confirming they were. Turned out to be an issue with connecting on wi-fi, I had to plug directly into the test box. Then things started working until the test server, which is in the next county, went down.

Lunch was busy, lots of eye candy, but all of them just grabbing something to bring into the conference rooms.

Tuna salad sandwich, cut fruit, Cola.

Back to the hole, the server eventually came back up, but I wasn't confident in the results, so EOD I set up to run everything again overnight. Should have something to report to Boss tomorrow.

Home, traffic was very light. No idea why. At work I had phoned Mass Mutual to find out why they sent a 1099-R, and the guy said it is not taxable, it's from an IRA rollover which actually took place in 2016. Also phoned Scottrade to close my accounts. He said the brokerage account is already closed, but the IRA has $ in it, and they can't close it till it's empty. He suggested having Vanguard slurp it up. So at home, I filed the MM 1099, and went online and had Vanguard roll over the Scottrade $$. 7-10 business days they estimate.

Relaxed in the recliner, Zoe started in my lap but ended up across the top of the chair. Pumpkin used to do that.

7:30, off to BASFA. 237 traffic was nasty, nobody was being considerate, and way too many people were driving like BMW owners.

For the first time in a long time the Prez and his wife the Secty were there, so I was able to give her the calendar I'd been holding on to. The main noisemakers were not there, and several people who don't come regularly were. I'm not going to make a habit of it, though.

Had the chicken pot pie, which was meh. The banana cream pie was way too big, and meh. Too thick.

Two of the Worldcon staff said they need people to volunteer, and to go online and fill out the form. I did that as soon as the con was announced, but have not heard a word from anyone except a request to exhibit in the art show, which had nothing to do with the volunteer form (the art show is run by an outside organization, and my invite was because I had displayed in Worldcons in the past).

I'll take another look, maybe there's something specific I want to volunteer for.

Home, traffic was still stupid.

Looked for, couldn't find the photo hanger tabs, had to search to find them online.

Got a deal on brownie mix, and found out online how to make marijuana brownies/cookies. Turns out to not be intuitive. The pot has to be ground up and baked. And then mixed with butter. This "cannabutter" replaces whatever butter the recipe calls for. It takes 3-6 hours to make. They say butter is best because the fats help even out the effects, where margarine or oil doesn't.

Did some research on the airport pot place's site, and will probably be spending $100-$150 on high-THC buds. This time I'll order online. The recipes call for 1/8 ounce per batch. Turns out single joints are sold by the gram, but the next increment is 1/8 oz. Airport's pricing for eighths is less than the ~ equivalent 4 x 1 graham. Generally an eighth sells for $35-50.

On the brownie recipe sites, they have a lot more detail on the effects of edibles than any of the pot expert sites had. Basically confirmed what I experienced.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss sync?
Maybe swap cats

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