Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dead end day at the hole

Slept okay, more pit stops than I wanted, and at weird times. One of them involved dislodging Zoe from on top of my abdomen. She is very affectionate, but this swapping thing is freaking her out. She's very skittish, ran halfway across the house when I rolled over.

Out on time, at work early enough to get a nearby-ish parking space. No cement pump to steer clear of. Looks like the trail has a 4-foot-high cement wall and they have built wooden frames with rebar to go up another 4 feet. Not really a good idea, because it will greatly reduce access to the trail by emergency personnel. And it means what looked to be a temporary blockade of one of my shortcuts is now permanent.

Grabbed breakfast, there was quite a crowd to dodge.

Yesterday I sprayed silicon lube into the lock at the hole, because it was getting to be hard to turn the key. Now it's easy.

Back to testing, the overnight test ran to completion, and the handful of tests which failed should not have been on that device's test plan. So 100% success. Next came manual tests, which are a lot more involved and relentless. Everything was going fine until I ran this one test, and the failure said it could not connect with the box on wi-fi. Bogus, because it was connected by USB.

Long story short, after several hours of being dead in the water, and the experts whose test suite it is being no help at all, I stumbled upon a fix. It was on my list of last resorts.

So I re-ran that test, and it ran fine, after crashing the machine. By now it is past time to leave, so I have a test to run several times tomorrow.

Lunch was PNB&J sandwich and fruit - grapes and cantaloupe. Shared the room with that woman with a baby chatting loudly with her friend about breast feeding and the challenges of babies.

In other news, I had ordered three sets of socks, 6 pair per set, from the same manufacturer, and this morning discovered that only one set was as described, the other two were crap. Good socks, IMHO, do not look like bad embroidery when you turn them inside out. The bad sets were getting caught on my toenails, and would just not go on. Too late to return them, I'd already torn off the packaging. Ordered two more sets from a different manufacturer. Will know better than to unpack them all....

Also ordered another 3-tier ball toy so there would be one in the guest room. It's Zoe's favorite, but Spook likes to play with it too.

Traffic was slow and stupid from Google to 101, but got better from there. Stopped off at Grocery Outlet for butter, eggs, rye bread and strawberries. The butter is destined to become cannabutter, probably this weekend.

Picked up the rent check and drove it over to the community center.  A couple was playing pingpong in the meeting hall, while a group was at a table across the room playing poker. I'd seen the item in the newsletter about acquiring a pingpong table, but I expected them to put it in the billiard room.

Delivered was two pairs of $39 glasses, non-tinted normal wear/driving. I may start wearing one of them regularly. Minor astigmatism correction. My computer glasses have that built in too, but with magnification, which I can't use for eye chart exams.

Also in the mail was an invitation to my high school's 50th reunion. Not sure if I will go, because it's on a Friday, and they have chosen a location which you need a car to get to. If I was living in Seattle, it wouldn't be an issue, but from here it would mean taking a couple of days off work, 2 nights of hotel $$, car $$, airfare $$. They did the same thing for 25th, except moreso. That one was at a race track, this one is at a hotel. Come to think of it, the prom was also out of town, I didn't go because I had no $$ and no car. My girlfriend was angry, but she was a junior and got to go to her prom the next year with someone else. She recently found me on Facebook, we've talked on the phone. She's an invalid somewhere in rural Idaho with a lot of her children to take care of her. I'm pretty sure this is her 2nd marriage. She has a Scandinavian last name now, she used to be Johnson.

Swapped the cats. Neither of them is acting very pleased about it.

Dinner was shrimp won ton soup (my last frozen package) and some egg rolls. Pineapple and grapes for dessert. Watched 2 episodes of PTI and FFed through 1/3 of the latest Oak Island. I am amazed at how much money they have poured into that hole in the ground with so little to show for it. Even the handful of artifacts they dug up in the initial drilling any sane person would have walked away from.

Not interested in a state of the union address, no matter who is President. It's always political bullshit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish manual testing, maybe file a bug 
If I order some pot online, I'll need to pick it up before 9 pm. Tonight I got home too late to do that.

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