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Slept, up half an hour before the alarm, that last half hour felt like forever, finally disabled the alarm and did my morning thing. Spook spent way too much of the night parked in front of the guest room door. Zoe spent most of the night on the top tier of the cat tree on the other side of the door.

I don't know how it happened, but I left the tablet on the kitchen counter near the sodastream pump. That's twice this week I've forgotten it, which is very strange because I slip it under a pair of elastic straps on top of the lunch cooler.

At work early, got decent parking, grabbed breakfast and walked to the hole.

Ran all the tests, one of the guys from big streaming company emailed me the answer to the issues we had yesterday. The box I was testing did not accept wi-fi connections for Android's test software. It had to be hardware connected.

Finished all the tests, sent email to Boss with the results. Disconnected that box and ran the same tests on it's big brother, also 100% passed. I didn't do the whole set of manual tests, not needed. Just enough to make sure it played all the kinds of streams.

While the automated tests were running I was on Twitch on another TV, snooping around. Maybe 10% of the channels are hosted by women, and half of those are showing a lot of cleavage, and many of them have stunning eyes. The other half are all covered up in baggy hoodies, and they are mostly playing video games.

Lunch was a teriyaki beef steamer bowl and grapes & pineapple. I was able to read from the Kindle app on my laptop.

Also ordered some cheesecloth and an herb grinder, then went online to the airport pot store and ordered three different 1/8ths of mostly high-THC flowers.

EOD, headed for Central Expressway, and the plan was to get cash at the last ATM off Central before the turnoff to Airport. It was dark and traffic was seriously backed up, and I turned too soon. No U-turn possible, but the next right was the road BofA is on, except at that point it was about 3 miles away, and the bank is on the wrong side of a divided street. So I had to make a left onto Central, go a couple of miles to the next U-turn, and come back to the Bank from the other side. After the ATM I was on the wrong side of the street again, but this time there's a U-turn signal a block away.

Miles later, the final approach, I thought, and the GPS was telling me, dark and lots of backed up traffic, I pulled into what I thought was the pot shop, but I was half a mile too early, it was a similarly named apartment turned business offices. Once more, wrong side of the street, had to go the wrong way all the way into Santa Clara, and the GPS got me back to the right road. This time I made the left turn in the right place, after traffic let me. It was a long wait.

No wait at all at the pot shop. Only one person ahead of me, both at the front door and inside. Online orders go to the head of the line. Paid cash, was out the door in minutes.

Outside, security guard pointed out the huge full moon. It was masked a little by clouds, but still impressive. He said he got up at 4 am to see the eclipse. I should have, but somehow I wasn't that interested. I have an astronomer friend who posted pictures.

Home, traffic dumping off Central onto southbound 101 was a mess, blocked me from northbound for about 10 minutes. But 101 north was a breeze, home quickly.

Delivered was a box with 2 kinds of socks (one kind is going back, same shoddy work as the last), a box of picture hanger tabs, a huge box of Ghirardelli brownie mix (inside are 6 packets good for a 9x11 pan each).

Swapped the cats.

Transplanted the pot plant to a large pot filled with potting soil. The plant came in a 2" square of foam meant for hydroponics, I had to plant it foam and all because the root system was already growing out the bottom of the foam.

Dinner was a production. Chicken broth, water, my two last duck drumsticks, chopped up a celery stalk, a mushroom, threw in some bamboo shoots, minced garlic and the last of the won tons. Nuked for 15 minutes on 50%. then 4 minutes on high. Dessert was some French goat cheese melted onto a pair of sourdough rye slices.

FFed through two more Oak Island episodes. Some progress was made, but again, 3 hours of video crammed with almost 2 minutes of actual new content. One thing they never mention is how rich this will make them if they find treasure. They mostly seem to be interested only in proving there is pirate treasure there, and it dates from the 1500's or so. They are also caught up in finding a Knights Templar connection, which IMHO is ludicrous.

The pot is in three small brown tinted vials, I put the vials into a Mason jar. Need the grinder and cheesecloth before I can make the butter/brownies. Weekend project, I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
February Fools Day greeting on FB
Flip the calendars
Siggraph has an animation film festival, but it may not be worth the rush hour drive.

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