Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

In Sync Again

Zoe did a lot of purring by my ear while I was in bed reading, and after. She was on and off the bed a lot, I think. This afternoon, checking the webcams, she spent most of the day curled up on the bed.

Not much to do in the morning, the guys next door brought back a James Bond, ready for some major testing. After I watched Brights on Netflix, I unplugged the machine I was using and plugged in James.

Lunch was PNB&J and grapes. I need to get more longans.

Boss moved sync to 4 pm, not major. She brought me a long-traveled box to test, from Europe. Maybe Monday. Tomorrow I need to smoke test James Bond.

After work plan was to go to north San Jose for the animation film festival SIGGRAPH meetup. But GPS routed me into the worst traffic, and 45 minutes later we were only at my home exit, so I took it. It would have been another hour to get to the event, which ends at 9pm.

Delivered was one of two meds from Kaiser. And my auto insurance proof of coverage card.

Spent some time looking up cannabutter recipes, and being amazed that most of them are based on 1 ounce of pot and 1 lb of butter. These days, 1/2 oz goes for $200. Give or take. I only have 1/8th ounce in each of three flavors, and do not want to mix them.

Meanwhile, a batch of brownies uses 1/3 cup of oil, I assume butter will substitute. Or I could make cannaoil, but what would I do with all that butter?

Looking at the butter, it says on the wrapper where 1/3 cup is - about 2/3 of a 1/4-lb stick.

None of the recipes out of the dozen I read say what the yield should be, except on a not very reliable one claiming it will be half. I think 1 stick per 1/8th may just work.

I let Spook out of the guest room and kept watch with Zoe most of the evening. Some progress, but not enough. I put Zoe into the guest room.

Dinner was another portion of Costco Korean short ribs. Added mashed potatoes, but left half the ribs for another time. The whole thing was really too much last time.

Plans for tomorrow:


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