Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

My kitchen smells like the high school all-city drama cast party

Took two pieces of 5 mg THC dark chocolate at about 6:30 last night, it started to hit about when I started last night's LJ, maybe 10 pm. Was in bed reading at about midnight, but didn't get very far. Asleep soon. Maybe 2 pit stops, then slept till 7:25.

Spook was up on the bed not letting me do more than rub the sides of her face. As soon as I got out of bed she bolted.

Was early doing the usual morning stuff, but not early to work because traffic was backed up a couple of blocks at the 101 on-ramp so I found a U-turn and went the back roads, which were backed up because a particular 4-way stop, which used to be a breeze-through now serves four multi-story Google buildings and two construction sites. Grr. And with summer weather forecast for all week, the bicycles were out in force. I will have to start taking the longer back road route.

Only a handful of people in the break room, but they had the Friday bananas out (the ones that were too beat-up to put out earlier).

In the hole, the heater facilities guy was sitting on the front stoop, he didn't recognize me, but he also didn't need to get let inside. Long story short, the aircon was on, and the building was at a comfortable temp all day.

Part of that is it got to be in the 70s, which it had not been for weeks until yesterday. Stoop guy must have tweaked something on the outside HVAC unit.

The test I'd run last night didn't do so well, but I also didn't prep the machine for it. But it was just to pass the time. All day was smoke testing, some still to be done Monday.

Home, delivered was atorvastatin, an IRS form from Scottrade which said I put $ into my IRA, which I did not (it was a dividend which arrived too late for 2016 taxes). Also delivered was a box of lens wipes (which I divided between home & office) and an herb grinder.

No cheesecloth, Amazon order was delayed till Tuesday, but I can get some at Target or BB&B tomorrow.

So, used the grinder on the 1/8th - a strain called FOG. Not pleased - the grinder is solid but poorly designed, I had to use a paring knife to dig half the material out of its teeth, the other half passed through to the catcher, which has a convenient pull-out pour spout.

Next step was to spread the ground material across the bottom of a glass baking pan, cover with aluminum foil and bake at 225° for half an hour, then mix it up (an attempt to heat it on both sides) then another half hour. Then onto a wire rack to cool.

While it was baking I was watching PTI and then the news. And getting a bit of a contact high. I have never smoked pot, but in my senior year of high school I was cast in the all-city play, and cast parties were in the Central Area (poorest part of town) and also in a restricted neighborhood (richest part of town). In both cases, there was pot being smoked. I like the aroma, but instead of getting high I got sleepy. Which is a major reason I am trying it now. Alcohol does the same thing to me, but also makes my jaw hurt.

Baking done, the challenge was to find a way to melt the butter. Original plan was crock pot, but my crock pot is way too big for just a single stick of butter with water to just cover it. My rarely used rice cooker turned out to be perfect. Melted the butter in water on the "heat" setting, then flipped to "warm" and added the green stuff. I'll let it simmer till about 1 am (4 hours).

For dinner I reheated mashed potatoes and the piece of Korean rib left over last night, plus some mixed veggies from the freezer and a croissant. Dessert was popsicles.

Definitely feeling the munchies, but there isn't much to munch on. Oh wait, I have Kind bars and more popsicles. :-)

Wore my non-reading glasses on the drive home, since it was getting dark. I wore them a bit during the day. Took them off to use readers, and they are still on the kitchen counter.

Swapped cats soon after I got home, had to get out a step ladder and remove Zoe from the far corner at the top of the book shelf. Spook was making whining noises outside the door, which spooked Zoe. Who is now free. She jumps up on stuff a lot. Piano top, train set (she likes to lay inside the loop) the back of the recliner, etc.

Signed up for a photo shoot a week from Sunday.

Plans for tomorrow:

Target or BB&B - cheesecloth and maybe a better grinder. I have an electric spice grinder I use for Thai cooking, and while marijuana is commonly used as a spice in Thai cooking, I'd rather not have it in mine.
Strain the cannabutter into a small glass container and stick it in the fridge to coagulate.
Maybe use it to make a batch of brownies.
Maybe get the car washed and go across the street for a massage
Maybe coffee w/Janice (more likely to be Sunday)
Let both cats loose, try to reel in Spook and calm Zoe


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