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More Contact, Only A Little High

Slept really well last night, definitely logy all evening from the cannabutter fumes. Zoe was all over the place, and has become entirely too fond of play biting my hand & arm and nibbling on my fingers. Also could be that I stayed up till 1 am to turn off the cooker. At about 5:30 I was up to turn in back on again, on warm.

Out of bed around 9:30 took my time getting out and about. First stop, Target. They had cheesecloth, which was the main reason for going there. Also picked up some All detergent pods which were $1 less for about 20% more pods than Tide, which were also on sale. There were Tide pods in all kinds of flavors and packaging, obviously taking advantage of the current bad publicity.

Searched for a spice grinder, but the only one they had was a programmable Mister Coffee coffee grinder, similar to the non-programmable one I have which works like a champ for grinding spices, but is impossible to clean because the blade is fixed to the receptacle cup and is not removable or washable. So whatever you grind in it leaves traces. Also got a couple of small not-Mason not-Ball jars which looked like the perfect size for the Airfield containers (which are both sharing a much too large quart Mason jar). And two Pyrex containers, one slightly larger than the other, to pour the cannabutter into. The only other thing on my list was Roundup, but Target has done away with their garden department.

Checkout was a mess. Only three lines open, all manned by young men who were all just out of training wheels. A supervisor called for more, and soon there were six lines, all the added staff were women. But by that time I was next in line.

On to Home Depot, got Roundup. They don't have small appliances of any kind, so no grinder there. Lowe's next. Their on the wall search screen showed several grinders, one by KitchenAid which was perfect (removable receptacle, and two extra ones) but nothing happened when I pushed the "show on map" button. Turns out they are only available online. I walked to the aisle labeled small appliances, but it lied - fridges, stoves and some microwaves. A year ago there were coffee makers and such there.

Home. Took out the Roundup and sprayed all the usual places. Lots of new cracks in my driveway, I'll need to ask the manager to have that looked at. Most of the weeds I sprayed with the Bayer chemical have died, it took a week. But it left a lot too.

In the mail was a tax form from my contract agency claiming they took $50 a month for some kind of health coverage. I'll have to ask about that because I declined all coverage, I thought. Having lunch with my rep next week...

In the park slot was the annual form from the park owners asking for basic info, plus a photo of your furry friend. Spook is my only one as far as they are concerned.

And after today, I'll be looking into giving Zoe away.**

Didn't think the butter was green enough, so I turned the cooker back on hot, it had been off since 10 am. After it came to a boil I turned it down to warm for an hour.  Even after half an hour off, it was too hot to handle, so I used oven mitts. I had already rubber banded cheesecloth to a large strainer, and positioned it over the larger of the Pyrex containers. Some boiling water from my electric teapot to wash remaining butter through the weed, and also swished some around the cooker pot and added that. Put the lid on the container and moved it to the fridge. Tomorrow I'll harvest the butter (it will be floating above the water) and hopefully there will be 1/3 cup to make a batch of brownies with.

Sometime after that I let Spook out, and she immediately hunted for Zoe, and they had a stalemate going under my bed. When I showed up, Spook got the message and left, and I was able to pull Zoe out. She "hid" on top of the piano. Spook kept her distance across the house by the bedroom door. Maybe hoping Zoe would go to the guest bedroom.

**While I was on the computer, there was a lot of noise, Spook full out attacked Zoe, paws flailing and fur flying (mostly Spook's fur) and Zoe was cornered against the wall. She fought back fiercely. I swatted Spook a couple of times to get her to back off, and put her in the guest room and closed the door. Actually, she let me walk her back there and went in on her own.

They are never going to become friends, and I am done with the guest room thing. This evening I swapped them again, Zoe is inside, Spook is free. Friends of Janice who are also friends of mine now may be wanting a cat, Zoe would be great for them. But I may bring her to Nine Lives. Can't bring her back to Humane Society, it's in the adoption contract.

Dinner was sliced mushrooms, shrimp and seashells with American and Swiss cheese melted in. Dessert was frozen melon balls & mango chunks. Lunch had been lox on Swiss on rye.

Munchies was addressed with walnuts and frozen blueberries with honey.

Those lovely little not-Mason jars were the perfect size, except the mouth is too narrow for the Airfield containers. By about 1/16 inch.

Plans for tomorrow:
Car wash/Massage (?)
Nine Lives (?) call first
Janice coffee @5
Replay Superbowl, especially if the underdogs win

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