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Missed It

No entry yesterday because the brownies worked.
Quickly. Sunday I baked a batch of brownies using Ghirardelli's double chocolate mix. Instead of the 1/3 cup of oil they call for I used 1/3 cup of cannabutter.

I was using a glass pan, and the directions said that for glass pans, add 5 minutes.

I think they were overcooked. Took them out, put them on a cooking rack for 10 minutes, cute into squares, except it was all crumbly and looks more like a motocross track. The pan was still a bit warm, but I put it in the fridge anyway.

Sunday also included a car wash and a massage. Did not get my favorite masseuse, the one I got was so-so.

Then coffee with Janice.

Home, about 6:30, ate a square of brownie. Then an other in half an hour.

Dinner was a blur. I played the Superbowl with a lot of skips. For the SB, the end of one play to the start of the next is just over 30 seconds. Tivo has a 30-second skip button. Loved the results, but could have done without the final play.

The brownies started to kick in after half an hour, but it was a bit after 10 it was telling me sleep was better than journaling.

Slept well. A little woozy during 4 am pit stop, but that happens without chemicals.

Spook was up on the bed as soon as the alarm went off. She stuck around for fist bumps and petting for quite a while.

On the road on time, 101 was normal. Break room had scattered crowds, but all my breakfast faves.

Finished up the James Bond tests, found another issue to report.

Lots of email from the managers about the tests, needed to run some logs and send them out. And then file a formal bug with the manufacturer, whose engineers are in the next room.

Before lunch they took it to try to fix a bug, but it didn't.

Lunch was not crowded, but some newcomer in a tie took my seat. Tuna salad sandwich, criossant with tillamook cheese, grapes.

Back to the hole, long story short, the fix didn't, I was there till 6:30 as they tried all known solutions. I left James with them before I left.

Home, delivered were the KitchenAid grinder (and it is a gem) and a dozen colorful socks, which so far pass the smooth inside test.

In the mail was a jury summons for mid-March. I thought I was good till June from my last call-up, but no, it's only a 1-year reprieve. So I went online and registered.

And had two more brownies. After being in the fridge, they are no longer crumbly. Went online and found out that crumbly was from not waiting long enough for it to cool before slicing it up. And maybe a little bit of being overcooked.

Watched PTI and the news.

Swapped the cats.

Plans for tomorrow:
More James testing
Boss sync - I expect her to bring another device to test

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