Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Awake, No Brownies Today

First time since Sunday I haven't had a brownie. Partly because I didn't get home till almost 8 (nails person was late, then my usual short trip to Safeway nextdoor). But mostly the drugged feeling annoys me. I think the answer is a smaller dose, close to bedtime. Will try thatFriday night, when it won't matter if I'm still woozy at 7:30 am.

Slept okay. Strange but true, Spook curled up on the bed and slept there till I woke up at 5:30 for a pit stop, then she moved to the office doggie bed. Go figure. Up at 7:30, I'd left my tablet at work so had to make do with the phone for morning videos. Not as good an experience.

On the road just before 9, traffic was better than 8:30 until the exit, which took 10 minutes.

Swapped my sagging badge holder for the new on (Seahawks logo). No longer sagging.

Text from Eddie, my contract rep, postponing lunch till tomorrow. Grrr. At least I brought lunch.

Grabbed breakfast, some dodging was needed.

In the hole, gathered results from overnight testing, sent it to Boss and manager for the product. Manager said to share it with the engineers next door. Which I did. Eventually their team lead came over incredulous, apparently the build he put on my James Bond is not the one on his. Or maybe his showed different results. Bottom line is Real Soon Now, I think he'll give me an upgrade, and there are some tests I will need to re-run.

Watched a lot of Twitch, but also exercised YouTube. The Patriots' old defensive coach is now the Detroit head coach, and I have to say he was not inspiring confidence. The intense look we've seen on the NE sidelines was gone, and replaced by someone in a suit and tie who looked like he was giving his Bar Mitzvah speech. And there's a Lady Gaga music video I need to chase down and get, seriously NSW.

Lunch was tuna salad and chocolate pudding. Again a couple of dweebs stole my table, I had to sit at a booth. The booths are more comfortable seats, but they are way too low. Table designed for someone NBA height.

Back in the hole, did some research, found it is free and easy to set up a Twitch stream. Emailed links home.

5:30 on the road to the nails place. 5:50 at the nails place, 1.9 miles away. :-(
6 pm appointment, 6:20 before she was done with previous client. This, after I made the appointment for an acrylic fill instead of a manicure because she said it would give us more lead time. :-(
7 pm, nails done, drove across the parking lot to Safeway. Fruit, limes, ginger, milk, steamer bowls. Forgot the chocolate bars.

Home, nothing delivered, no mail except a brochure on K-12 programs at the not-quite-local community college.

Swapped the cats. It took two tries, Spook almost figured out she was going to be locked in again.

Dinner was reheated Thai curry wings & mashed. Watched PTI and the news,  and 3xFFed through both Oak Island offerings, which had zero new information.

Watched a bit of NOVA, in which an ancient (13,000 years ago) Mexican teenager's skull and then skeleton was rescued from the bottom of a water filled cave.

Read the Twitch setup link, downloaded the streaming app, set it up and it works. I need to make a few tweaks, but it was dead simple.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lunch with Eddie

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