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Mister Eclectic

Progress and panic

Zoe spent much of the night on the bed, but not when I woke up. While I was trying to read from the tablet, she curled up under that arm and put her head in the way. Petting her back, I felt something. She has a very large wound, the fur is matted for about 2 inches. She has such short fur that I couldn't see anything to do except let it continue to heal. Maybe tomorrow I'll call the vet for advice. I was going to call today but things got busy.

Had a very bad blood sugar day. Morning reading was above 300, I have no idea why. During the course of the day I shot up about 200 units of high-test, taking readings every hour. Before dinner it was still 160, 10 notches too high.

My fairly new LED office lamp is flickering, looks like some of the LEDs are dying. It's very annoying. Seems like a lot of 1-star reviews mention this after 2 months. I've only had it for 1 month. :-( It's one of those lamps with dozens of little LEDs in concentric circles. Just ordered a lamp with a single LED bulb, same lumens, which is what I have in the livingroom and bedroom.

Out the door just before 9, at work just after 9. The usual morning routine.

Email from lead engineer next door that they're in "bootcamp" all week, but he'll grab my machine to fix it in the afternoon. Meanwhile, watched some YouTube about NFL doings, and looked into optimizing my Twitch feed. 

11:30, drove to the lakeshore bistro, this time I was 20 minutes early, but it was a bright sunny day, and nice to just sit by the lake until contract rep showed up. He was on time. We had a good far-ranging chat. I asked him about jury duty, he messaged the office, they replied that I'm not covered. No pay for jury duty days. He'll also check about the IRS form - find out why I was charged $50/month for benefits.

Back to the hole at 1:30, lunch seemed longer. 

Engineers grabbed James Bond after about 2:30, and didn't bring it back till after 4. I had to do a factory reset and load some image and video files to set up to re-run the test suite. I'll see the results in the morning. I'm hoping for zero fails. Then I can run the over the weekend version.

5:30, drove to the garage, plugged in the car and went upstairs and read for an hour. Current ebook is The Shadow Order: A Space Opera by Michael Robertson. The premise is forced, and hackneyed - young man has a talent for winning fights against much larger opponents, but promised on Dad's deathbed not to fight any more. The characters are 2-dimensional, but the writing style is okay, and nothing has made me want to erase the book.

6:30, homeward bound, traffic wasn't any better for the first two legs, but at the 101 overpass it thinned out a lot. Too many Uber drivers who are not familiar with the traffic patterns, or with coping with being dispatched while on the road.

Home, delivered was a box of food handling approved disposable gloves. Good for tuna salad mixing and not getting cannabutter on me.

Hunkered down at the PC and added some features to my Twitch account, and stumbled on a way to see my stream in real time with the chat column. The lag is huge - about 10 seconds. The two new features did not appear to have worked. 

Zoe started wanting to climb up on my lap, and managed to land on the off switch for the PC instead. Time to swap cats.

Dinner was tuna salad on a criossant, fruit for dessert.

No PTI recorded today, I know not why. Maybe they were shifted to ESPN2 for the day. A pity, because there was some 49ers stuff they would have covered. I'll check YouTube at work tomorrow.

Refilled all the pill boxes. Ordered another supply of one of my newer prescriptions.

Watched the news, and am disgusted with Pelosi, who is holding the country hostage exactly the way she vehemently criticized the GOP for doing the same thing during the Obama years.  I personally think the DACA program should simply be to say to these kids that they have known all their lives the right thing to do was to go to their parent's country. And if they want to apply for a visa and permanent residency, fine. But better they should take the superior education they received and put it to good use in their homeland.

There are exceptions, of course. But the vast majority of illegal immigration from Mexico ought to work that way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe try a bedtime brownie

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