Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nothing Day

Up with the alarm, Spook jumped up on the bed but wasn't interested in getting petted. She was very interested in treats. But she had to wait till I was dressed.

Zoe was on the top tier of the guest room cat tree. She spends most of her time up there when she's in the guest room. Spook spends most of her time under the futon or in the closet.

On the road early, at work early, major gatherings going on in the break room.

Nothing to do all day. Boss didn't show up for sync, so maybe Monday morning I'll pay her a visit - she has an STB I need to test. I was hoping for her to bring it today.

Lunch was tuna salad sandwich and grapes. And walnuts. Again, visitors stole my seat, this time it was a huge number of people in the room who were supposed to have finished lunch in their conference room, but hung around for an extra half hour outside.

I did manage to catch up on the 49er's latest, the press conference with the newly signed QB, who is way too handsome for his own good.

Did some more research on Twitch.

Browsed the web for a single SATA drive to replace the four 2TB ones I have in a RAID array. The main idea is to use less electricity, and maybe run faster. SSD drives are still insanely expensive. But $400 will buy me a 10TB WD gold drive. Or a Seagate, which is what I have in there now. Hitachi doesn't seem to make anything > 4 TB. Did not pull the trigger yet. It's a want, not a need. And it will require much time.

5:30 headed home, it took 45 minutes.

Dinner was a turkey leg & onions/mushrooms/celery which had been previously sauteed and frozen. Mixed fruit for dessert. Need to go fruit shopping.

Watched PTI, then hunkered down to the PC and crashed it with OBS (Twitch streamer app) several times, trying to set up a slide show. Problem was choosing auto-scaling for the images, which made them HUGE, fixed it by choosing scaling which matched the screen size.

Still need to figure out how to make a clickable link. I have my web page showing, but it's inert. I'm h0weird on twitch, if you care to check it out.

I am seriously missing football. Not a fan of any other sport. Baseball bores me to tears, especially pitchers' duels. Basketball has become as much a brawl as a sport. Hockey is too fast for me to follow, and what few rules it has are silly. Soccer is a mystery to me - how come 90% of American kids are in soccer leagues, but only three Americans play professionally?

Plans for tonight - bedtime brownie. No cat swap, Zoe seems more comfortable in the room, and Spook thinks it's punishment. Which it is, but she doesn't want to change her ways.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fruit shopping
Call the vet about Zoe. Maybe go there and post a "free to a good home" flyer.
More Twitch tweaking

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