Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cow Pot Poo (aka Fruit Day)

Did the bedtime brownie plan, but fell into the rabbit hole of YouTube videos on the tablet (after reading a few chapters from the current kindle book) and did not get to sleep until almost 3 am. By then the THC had kicked in, but I was over-tired so it didn't put me to sleep as planned. It did help me stay asleep. Spook was up on the bed yelling at me at 10 am, I think I finally got up at 11. 

When I checked in on Zoe, Spook zoomed into the room, chased Zoe out, and launched a full on attack in the kitchen, fur flying, a little bit of pee on the floor, lots of noise. Spook snapped at me when I scruffed her, but she let me chase her into the guest room. Zoe hid on her perch in the laundry room, and wouldn't come out till I started making dinner.

Turned on KNBR and was surprised to hear that FanFest at AT&T Park was under way. Too late for me to get there, darn it. It's a fun time, and the weather was amazingly summer-like. I'm not a huge fan, but the people-watching is superb. And you get the run of the whole park.

So instead of CalTrain to SF, I drove to Milpitas, 99 Ranch Market, and spent way too much $$ on fresh rambutan and longans. Got two kinds of tangerines on sale, and a whole fried crab. Grapes, shrimp won tons. Also bought two fat bombs to go. Chinese New Year is upon us, and the place was packed. Which meant a lot of eye candy.

On the way home I detoured to Bayshore Park, where I was reminded that season passes go on sale next month (the park is free during winter). And was happy to find the restroom open, because I needed it.

Another detour to Grocery Outlet, because 99 doesn't carry dark chocolate. And outside the store was a brownie troop selling girl scout cookies, so I bought 4 boxes of thin mints. Traded them for a picture of a Broadway star.

Home, put stuff away. Checked on Spook, she is a little scared of me now. I really need to find a home for Zoe, who spent the evening jumping up on places she shouldn't, knocking a lot of stuff around.

Delivered in the morning was a replacement for the office lamp, but it is a FAIL. There is no way it puts out the 3,000 lumens advertised, and it doesn't play well with my remote control power switch. The on/off switch on the lamp is electronic, when the power is switched off, so is the lamp switch. I need one with a mechanical on/off switch so it comes back on when my office lamp sensor detects motion. Otherwise I'm groping my way into a dark room.

I have two low-light LED lamps which I've pressed into service, but they are too dim for night time. Tomorrow I'll go to Fry's and find a better replacement.

Turned on Tivo, and set up to crack the crab and extract the meat. Crab fried rice was the plan. I had the Olympics on, but mostly ignored it because they were doing ice dancing, not my idea of a sport. Way too subjective. There was some speed skating, but not enough. The gloves delivered yesterday were useful in not turning my fingers into prunes, but it took more than an hour to finish with the crab.

There was a packet of rice in the freezer which had just enough for what I was making, but when I took it out of the microwave half of it landed on the floor, so I had to drag out the rice cooker and make some more.

Chopped up garlic, bamboo shoots, celery, water chestnuts and threw that into the wok with peanut oil. Added some Thai lime leaves, and the crab. Next the rice, some red pepper flakes, turmeric (for no apparent reason). I wanted to add saffron, but couldn't get the container open. Stirred it all up, and that was dinner while watching the news.

And then XFiles. This episode was much more graphic and bloody than it had any need to be, and was very light on the X. It was your basic Vietnam vets PTSD story, with a bit of Agent Orange/anthrax-ishness. I am amazed at how little DD has aged, how much GA has, and just the mere fact that Mitch Pileggi said yes to returning to his role after all these years.

Zoe is asleep on the office cat tree, but not until she had jumped onto the microwave, walked across the kitchen island knocking things around as she went, and into the back of the ground level cabinet which I had opened for half a minute to put the peanut oil back. Earlier in the day when  she was fresh from the fight, I had to go outside a couple of times and she bolted, but ran back inside when I chased her.

Dessert was longans, of course.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fry's, buy a lamp
Photo shoot. This one will feature some experiments with color gels
Coffee with Janice


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