Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of No Rest

No brownies last night, slept well anyway. Woke up with some sciatica pain around 6, but was able to get pack to sleep.

Up at 9, eggs on rye for breakfast, out a little after 11, drove to Fry's, they only had two floor lamps, neither of them even close to what I was looking for. Back to Lowe's (which is on the way home from Fry's) and found a lamp I liked, but they were out of the attractive silver ones and only had the ugly brown ones. Customer service found 4 in stock in the Coleman Ave store, which happens to be convenient to the afternoon photo shoot.

Home, plugged in the car, Facebooked.

Photo shoot was scheduled to go from 1 to 3, with 4 photographers signed up, but 8 showed up, which seriously cut into shooting times. The host also took a lot of time setting up colored lights - he had bought some colored cellophane and taped combinations of them onto the lights. After a couple of rounds with standard lighting, we did several short rounds with colors which turned the gray background red, and then lights on the model which made her turn blue and orange. And finally colors which gave us a yellow background, and add in a fog machine.

The model, Alexis, I have shot twice before, she's very pretty, has a terrific figure, and my only criticism is she could smile more.

It will take me a while to crop and process the photos, but I'll put the work-safe ones on Flickr eventually.

I had a coffee date with Janice at 5 in Mountain View, and when the shoot ran an hour over, I was worried about being late, but somehow I made it to Lowe's, after too long a wait in line (only one cashier on duty and the two self-check stands were not working reliably) somehow I made it to MV with 5 minutes to spare.

This morning, Zoe was jumping all over everything, so I put her back in the guest room, and let Spook out. I think I'll keep it that way from now on.

Home, took out all the garbages, broke down a large pile of boxes and bundled them for curbside recycle. Unboxed the lamp and assembled it.  It is slightly defective, one of the built-in post screws is crooked, so the lamp has a kink in the middle, but it works and is bright enough. Pulled out the two desk lamps, and put the new lamp behind the computer desk, and all is well, except the CFLs which are in there will be replaced by 100W equivalent LEDs in a couple of days. Amazon had a 6-pack on sale for $23, Lowe's wanted $12 per.

Heated up the leftover ข้าวผัดปู (cow pot poo), made lime soda, and longans for dessert. Watched the news, and tried to watch the Olympics, but NBC coverage sucks, and high winds kept a lot of the ski races off the slopes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe visit Boss and pick up a new STB to test.

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