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Mundane Monday

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Alexis under all the color gels. From Sunday's shoot.

Nothing unusual in the morning except I skipped the shower on account of the night before I had one because there was some TMI cleanup required. Let's just say it was a 3-immodium night. :-(

On the road about on time, traffic was relatively light much of the way. The minions were finishing setting up food in the beak room, happy that there were no visitors to get underfoot.

At the hole, weekend test had completed, most of the tests passed, and about 1/3 of the ones which had failed on automatic passed individually. I kept the news to myself because the manufacturer had already run this test.

Lunch was PNB&J, longans and pistachios. I didn't have the place to myself, but my table was free.

After putting my lunch box in the hole and checking for email (none) I drove to the team's new digs. Walked all around downstairs and then upstairs where my alleged desk it, and nobody was home. 2:30, everyone should have been back from lunch. I'm guessing there was an off-site event for which I was not included in the memo. Net result is the machine I was hoping to pick up from Boss is still hidden away somewhere, and I had nothing at all to do for the rest of the day.

So I did my usual non-work back at the hole, scanning the news feeds, listening to 49ers news on YouTube, watching game play on Twitch. And ordered a pair of shoes, same style but 1/2 size smaller than the ones I've been wearing. Losing water weight made my feet shrink.

5:30, home, traffic was not bad, except I just missed the light at the IFH.

Earlier I had texted AG, hoping to chat, but he replied that he was in bed sick. Oh well.

Home, delivered was a strip of cardboard with 5 button batteries for the home lighting remote sensors, in a box big enough for a couple of Harry Potter books.

Checked in on Zoe, she is now scared of me. Tried lying on the futon for 10 minutes, but she barely budged from her top tier perch, despite the treats I put out. Spook is also a bit scared of me, which is understandable because I keep having to chase her away from Zoe's door.

Which reminds me, I forgot to call the vet again.

Vanguard sent email that my tax info was available online, so I finished doing my taxes. The stock market results lowered what I owed, but it's still a chunk of change, and state refund only covers 1/4 of it. Irony time - I put away a lot of cash in my savings account in 2016, expecting a huge hit but instead I was unemployed most of the year and got about $3k back. That money is still there, and will be used this year.

But I'll wait maybe a month, I think, to file.

In other news, I filled out the Worldcon volunteer form, and got a reply from the head of that project saying there was a separate form for being a panelist, so I went and filled out that one too. It was actually a nomination form, but it's okay to nominate yourself.

Wrapped up the evening processing the photo shoot pix, but mostly I just did some minor cropping where the frame went past the backdrop. And a tiny bit of dodge tool when the model's face was too dark blue.

Unfortunately for LJ and FB, the best of the experimental shots are full frontal nudity. And some full backtal nudity.

Here's one which may be on the calendar next year:

Dinner was lamb shoulder chop pan fried with garlic & onions from a couple of weeks ago, mashed potatoes and satuéed chopped celery, which is an experiment I won't repeat. Celery needs to be slow cooked. Too stringy otherwise. I have a feeling that modern celery is a lot more stringy than what I grew up on, because I used to munch on that stuff without having to spit any of it out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Ping Boss (she is suppose to come sync, but I bet she bails)
Phone the vet. Maybe make an appointment for Zoe

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