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Another Boring Day in Paradise

It's winter again. Cloudy, breezy, temps have dropped back into the high 40's at night and below 60 daytime. I miss summer.

Slept like a log, Spook was on the bed at 6:30 to wake me up, and again at 7:30 when the lights came on. Zoe is still acting like she is scared of me & the world.

At work, I went to Craig's List and my favorite shelter, The Dancing Cat, had a link to their parent organization, The Silicon Valley Pet Project, which had a link to a web site for advertising pets you want to put up for adoption. Nothing else to do at work** so I slurped up photos and videos from Facebook of Zoe, and created a profile. Which has not been approved yet, so clicking the link may not work.

**I was supposed to have two units from our guy in London, who is in town for a team off-site (which is why the place was empty when I went yesterday). One is in the hole, the other he left on Boss' desk this morning. I drove over there and collected it.

His email said they both need to be updated using an SD card in one and a micro SD card in the other. I don't have any of those at work, none of the other machines use them. All the others update from USB or wi-fi. I have some at home, but no way am I driving home and back for that.

Manager for Asia messaged me that he was bringing over a TV, but this is the guy who keeps giving me non-working machines to test, and when I picked up the London unit (which is actually from France), he was updating the firmware. He didn't make it before lunch time, or after. 5:35, as I was putting my lunch box in the car, he drove up with the TV. So I unlocked the hole, punched in my door code, and we screwed the stand onto the bottom of the TV, plugged it in and fired it up, then we left. I had to lock up after us.

Best Buy, to see if they had any low capacity SD cards, they did not, and what they had was about 4x as expensive as I was willing to pay. BB&B next door was also a planned stop. My orange bath mats were faded and dirty, and were in the washing machine (Goodwill will get them eventually). Got some dark blue ones. Looking at the receipt when I entered it in Quicken, the cashier missed the biggest one, so I got out of there for $50 less than expected. I didn't notice at the store, I was distracted by a huge display of Soda Stream cartridges by the checkout counter. SodaStream has had some near-fatal delivery problems, stemming from them manufacturing on the wrong side of the Jordan River, using the wrong labor force. Looks like they are back.

Home, lots delivered. Prostate meds in the mailbox, on the front porch an Amazon box with 100W equivalent (14W actual) LED bulbs which are now in the office lamp, putting out way more light than the 23W CFLs which were in there. Plus an ultrasound washer for my dentures. I put some pennies in with some dish soap. They came out looking the same as they did when they went in. Hmm. Will try the dentures tonight.

A little later, also on the front porch, a big box from Jet.com, 16 lb bag of cat food, 32 oz jar of treats, and a smaller than expected jug of Downy softener. And lots of packing paper.

Got tired of reaching behind the #2 recliner to open and close the shades, so I moved it back under the thermostat (I had moved it across the room for the Nest installation) and the two small cat platforms which had been there are now side by side under the window sill. They had been one on top of the other for a couple of years. Spook is inside the one with the tube. The other is more Zoe size.

This is a pre-bullying photo.

Re-did my Twitch feed, made it simpler, and just a slide show of one of the models from December. It can switch to full frame of me on camera. It's only feeding when my PC is on, which is not very much. If you check it out other times, it's supposed to display a sign from Engrish.com.

Lunch today was broccoli beef steamer. The break room only had 3 people in it when I popped that into the microwave, but before it was done a whole roomful of people came in to make rude noises with the espresso machine and coffee dispenser. And then they were gone. Some very pretty backsides, which is all I see from my table when they only line up at the coffee machines.

Dinner was the last of the Thai curry chicken wings, mashed potatoes and some green peas. Dessert was mango chunks and blueberries - both frozen - while watching PTI and Summer House. I'm going to kill the schedule for the latter, they wear too much clothing too much of the time.

The girl who won gold on the Olympic half-pipe was amazing. And fun. Churros and ice cream between runs - someone brought her a churros ice cream sandwich with home made ice cream. Munchie of champions. I expect to see her on a Cheerios box. All-American girl, parents are Korean immigrants. Legal ones. As far as I know, there are no "dreamers" on the Olympic team.

Oh yeah, first thing I did when I got home was find 4GB micro and full size SD cards, and copy the bits from a USB drive I made at work. Will bring those in tomorrow and update the French boxes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Post a Fat Ash Wednesday greeting on FB
Call Bof A to find out why my credit card payment was canceled. I think Quicken messed up.
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