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Pod People

This month's podcasters meeting was a lot more enjoyable than last month, more lively conversations, and I got some seriously good clues which set me closer to becoming Rich and Famous. Or at least infamous.

Sophia from VoiceIndigo showed how The Onion's radio feed can be played on an internet-enabled cell phone. Strange but true, about three hours before I had canceled my cell phone's internet access because it wasn't worth the $20/month.

I talked for quite a while with Isobel McKenna, who produces a children't podcast with her daughters called 1 2 3 Listen 2 Me. She recommended her syndication service, libsyn.com as a good place to start to get famous. I also talked at length to Tim, a German fellow who was there to gather hints on podcasting - his idea is a Short Attention Span Theater series of interviews on Things German. Havi Hoffman told me all about how she got to be a "catalyst/social media marketing" at Yahoo. She was filling in as host for this meeting, which was held at Yahoo's Mission College campus.

There were several others I listened to, and by the end of the evening someone was even drawing a diagram of a system on the white board. Another clue I picked up was syndicator Podshow, with the catchy slogan "stick it in your ear".

As a result of the meeting, I came home and added some RSS feeds of my own, and put a link them on my home page. I now have, in addition to Howeird's Grossest Hits (aka howeirdhits) photo and video podcasts, and a placeholder for an audio version of my LJ blurbs. LJ already does an RSS feed of my pages, which you can add to any RSS agregator (such as a my yahoo page) by pointing it at http://howeird.livejournal.com/data/rss.

My RSS page's direct link is http://www.howeird.com/RSS.html.


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