Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday Thursday

Would have slept better if Spook hadn't climbed on Mt. Howard at 5 am.
Got pulled into the rabbit hole again, need to not pick up the tablet while I'm supposed to be getting ready for work. OTOH, 9 am is a good time for traffic, and instead of half an hour to arrive at 8:50, it's 10 minutes to arrive at 9:10.

Was staying late today anyway, because there was a talk at the Computer History Museum down the road.

The construction work had my parking lot blocked off, this time the huge cement pump rig was arced right over the hole. No events across the way, so there was close enough parking there.

Full day, testing the baby version of the box I tested yesterday, and it actually performed better than big brother. Still had issues, but mostly more trivial ones. I suspect some of the problem was with the network at the other end (the company that was streaming content). May try again tomorrow on a couple of problem videos. 3D+360°+8K is the torture test.

Lunch was chicken and ravioli in marinara steamer bowl with a sliced HB egg added. Had the place to myself except for one asshole who opened my microwave without telling me he had made it stop cooking. I was reading, didn't see him do that.

6 pm, headed to CHM, wandered the gift shop and some new exhibits. 6:45 doors to the talk opened.

It was interesting, three academics whose work is in the area of how technology changes the way people think. Two of them had balanced attitudes, one was a total Luddite. Won't let her kids listen to music while they are doing homework. Locks up their electronics at night. And she had a very sharp, annoying voice when she's being adamant.

Her "no music" brought up a memory of my father. Mom was a singer, music was a huge part of her. Dad was the opposite. He could almost carry a tune, as long as the tune was You Are My Sunshine or Red River Valley. He taught himself how to play the latter on guitar when he was about 50, and never picked up an instrument again.

I mention all that to frame the anecdote. My older sister and I were in the livingroom doing homework, and we had music on. Dad told us he could not understand how we could concentrate on studying when there was music on. He said he had to have total silence to study. We told him we couldn't understand how he could study without music on.

Unlike tonight's panelist, Dad understood that what worked for him might nor work for me and my sister (both of us played instruments and sang).

I had started the talk wearing the free wireless headphones, but there were annoying bursts of static, and all the panelists enunciated well, so I took them off.

On the way out I was happy to see johnnyeponymous, who also hasn't been to basfa lately, since he now has a couple of young kids and moved way far up the hill.

Home, delivered was a 6-pack of Scharffenberger's very dark chocolate bars. Good thing it's been chilly this week.

Dinner was chicken soup with matzo balls and shrimp wontons.

Watched PTI and some more of The Bachelor. He gave a rose to the petite blonde whose version of opening up was "I could probably fall in love with you". She didn't talk at all about herself, but then he's a crappy interviewer. He sent home the only person of color, whom I think was the smartest of the finalists. A pity, because their final date opened them both up to each other a lot, in a good way.

From the teaser, it looks like the "missing" girl will be sent home when I continue watching. Maybe tomorrow.

Did some research on Twitch user forum, and found out that I can stream the webcams. I was going to try that tonight, but the app crashed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss scheduled a sync, but I doubt if she'll show up
10 pm pizza night.

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