Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching up: Friday

It was a long day. Spook slept on the bed for a good chunk of time.
Traffic was light, it's a 4-day weekend for some. Google doesn't do Presidents' Day.

Construction on the trail wall was lighter, plenty of parking in my lot.

Lots of follow-up work, but the tests I wanted to re-run wasted a lot of my time because something changed at the test server (partner manufacturer's server) that now only a handful of tests show up in the plan. There should be about 80. Will file a ticket Monday.

Lunch was a beef steamer bowl and some fruit. There were no bananas for breakfast, I substituted a Kind bar. On my way out, someone had "fixed" the front door, I had to unfix it to be able to get inside again. I think the locksmith who fixed the door height sent a minion to do some minor follow-up and minion did not know.

On my way back from a break, I tripped and skinned both knees, but did not shake up the can of soda I was carrying.

At the last minute, Boss canceled our sync. I knew she would.

Home, delivered was an ultrasonic denture cleaner with 60 packets of what I expected to be granular but turned out to be tablets like Polident, especially for bridge work/retainers. It made my dentures much cleaner, and later it polished half a dozen pennies. Not so good on a nickel, but it did work somewhat.

Also delivered was a hair dryer, which went into the closet for the next day I need to make it look like I did not pee my pants.

Took a short nap, watched a tiny bit of TV, then off to Saratoga, arrived at 10, but only 2 people were there. By 11 half the actors from local community theater had arrived. Everyone was buying personal sized pizza, so I got to take home half of the medium sized one I bought for the group. At 2 am I was heating up a couple of pieces.

No plans for Saturday.

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