Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hangover Sunday

Woke up at 3:15 am, looked at the time, and decided that after a (wobbly) pit stop I deserved a full night's sleep. After already having 7 hours in bed.

The alarm woke me at 7:30 - usually I switch to the 9 am alarm on weekends but forgot. It was so loud, and I couldn't tell where it was coming from at first. Told Google to turn off the bedroom lights, and stayed in bed till 11.

Brunch was the last few bits of lox from the opened package (still have another package). I have to keep an eye on how much lox I eat, it has a lot of salt.

I went out onto the porch to nibble and watch hummingbirds, but the temps had plummeted, low 50s, and it was very windy, wind chill felt like 40. So that didn't last long. This feeder batch is experimental, two of the feeders have red food coloring, one is clear. Previous experiments have shown that color is not a factor, location is. It's been a while since I tried this.

Gave up on being outdoors, made three eggs sunny side up, slid them onto a pair of rye bread slices.

Later I cooked up some roti (Indian parantha) in a little peanut oil in my cast iron skillet, forgetting that it takes a long time to heat up the skillet but once it's hot it gets hotter. Burned the first one. The next three came out less puffed than they should have. But it gave me a chance to finish off the small container of curry in coconut milk which was left over from some project or other. Popsicles for dessert. Watched half a Match Game. Actually, a whole game, but they tape two at a time. Also watched Graham Norton which had Tom Cruise and some of his cast from a movie currently shooting in London. Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill and Rebecca Ferguson.  And the 6 o'clock news from Saturday.

Re-did my Twitch streaming - the key to not crashing was to put all the photos I wanted to use in the slide show into one directory. Sub-directories freak out the app. As does too many images. And I also discovered that it can use VLC to play background music lists out the stream without needing to run VLC locally. So I have a slide show of all my calendar photos for the past 8 years, with music from my 78's collection playing.

Had to stop commenting on FB to make it to MV for coffee with Janice. She had a lot to talk about, she wants to see polar bears in the wild and is torn between Saskatchewan and Alaska. Alaska is less expensive and more flexible. And I told her my cannabis experiment is over, the side effects are not worth the sleep aid. I would get the same help from sleeping pills, and probably none of the wobblies or hangover, but the same over-sleeping.

No formal dinner tonight, had a venti mocha and a morning bun at *$s, maybe I'll snack on a tangerine or longans.

Scanned the IRS form from contract agency and sent it to my rep so he can figure out what benefits I was being charged for.

Downloaded as usual to Quicken, and it appears that I have been given a raise. About $55 a week for a 40-hour week. $1.37/hr or so.

Ordered a webcam which doesn't require a login. If I can get it to stream to Twitch, I'll add it to the guest room. I don't think it tilts or pans, which my other cams do. 

Started a new batch of cat greens in a new container, all fresh seed starter soil, careful to only water it enough to get the soil moist. Also pulled the pot plant out of its big over-watered container and put it into a small, easily drained one with a raised plastic water catcher under it.

Flattened and bundled the boxes, took out all the garbages, including the greens bin which was 1/4 full of Bee's friend plants pulled from where they were choking a star jasmine. Staked the star jasmine. The roses which I had cut back severely in November are now all shooting out leaves. Even the ones which were dying.

Plans for tomorrow:
If there are good seats for the 6-ish 3D Black Panther Show, go see that
Otherwise, Home

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