Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Missed the memo

In January, I looked up all the Google holidays, and noticed there were none between MLK Day and July. So I drove to work, discovered an empty parking lot, no bananas in the break room (nothing else had been stocked either). In the hole I fired up the PC and checked, and yes, today was a holiday. No pay. Sucks.

Thinking it was a work day, I bought a ticket yesterday to see Black Panther at the cinema near work, 6:40 pm show. I thought about spending the day in the movie theater, but just drove home.

Delivered was the web cam. I was able to set it up and rtsp to it locally without a password, but couldn't get it to pass through port forwarding. The router has a setting for that, and it was set correctly.

Tried some things, and all of a sudden the 2.4GHz part of the router stopped working. It seems to mostly be back now. Mostly. Half my webcams and all my sonos speakers are offline. :-(

Did some Twitch streaming, have had 60 viewers, but no followers.

Spent some quality time with Zoe, who got bored each time and went behind the futon to look out the window.

Spook has been vocal. And she has been parking herself under the livingroom windows, scrunched between the cat tubes and a rack, amongst her toys.

6 o'clock, drove back to MV and saw Black Panther. I was not impressed. Neither was the audience. Full house, wide variety of ethnicities and ages.

Home, tried setting up the webcam, but it's stuck. I think it is going back, but I'll try their tech support first. One issue is my phone won't login to the 2.4GHz wifi, and the webcam needs that. I should look for a cam which supports 5GHz.

Plans for tomorrow:

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