Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ho Hum, but minus a ho

Pretty boring day. Slept well enough that Spook was curled up at my feet when I woke up.

Out early, traffic was not quite back to insane, breakfast nook had bananas, and all the trimmings.

Plenty of parking, one of the construction supervisors said they were all done pouring cement on my side of the trail, and all that is left is taking down the wooden frames, some of which were on trucks to go away at lunchtime.

No heat in the building again, filed a ticket, a young man in a brand new khaki uniform rang the bell and I pointed him upstairs where the maintenance room is. He even had a key.

Canceled the Amazon order for the direct replacement for the ASUS router. Read a bunch more reviews and specs, and ordered a Netgear.  Similar features, but what sold me is the extra 2 ethernet ports. I'm currently using all 4 on the ASUS, but need at least one more for setting up webcams and speakers.

Called my dentist, made an appointment for 3/6.

Lunch was broccoli beef steamer bowl, which had thawed a little and leaked a bit, but only enough to say "eeew, what is that brown liquid spot on the bottom of my cooler?" Croissant with melted yellow cheese product for a chaser. Thin mints for dessert? I don't remember. One good looking woman used the espresso machine, otherwise it was just me and the garbage lady. GL is about 70 years old, petite, and in great shape. She has no problem taking out huge bags of trash from at least two buildings, including the hole.

Lots of issues with big company's automation on little company's TV. Some progress thanks to big company's support guy, but one step forward and 58 steps back.

At about 5 pm the heat started working.

At 3:55 Boss canceled our 3:30 sync. I am not surprised.  I need to message her about a media box which she has which needs testing.  With no parking problems, I might drive to her office to get it.

Home, traffic was lighter than average.

Quality time with Zoe was good.

Dinner was a small turkey leg and the last of the onions & mushrooms from the freezer. Longans for dessert.

Watched PTI, 2FFed through Oak Island and FFed through Summer House, except for the booty scenes. Not a lot of those. Deleted The Bachelor, I'm done with that bozo. Lots of Olympics to watch - later.

Spook spent most of that time hunkered down in a corner, later she curled up into the hole in the taller of the short trees.

With the router not playing well with 2,4GHz devices, my Sonos speakers are inop, as well as 4 of the 8 webcams. Fortunately, the guest room cam is working, so I can check on Zoe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe visit Hole #2
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