Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Very short entry

The usual morning routine.

Couldn't get device to be tested from Boss because her dental appointment went poorly, and she stayed home, and may stay home again tomorrow.

The TV I was testing decided it didn't want to wi-fi anymore, so could not test. Forgot that I could use an ethernet cable, will try that tomorrow.

Watched a replay of the listening session with Trump, Pence, deVoss and survivors/parents from Columbine, Sandy Hook and Parkland. I was surprised that after some needless introductory remarks from those three, nobody interrupted, everyone had a chance to speak. Trump looked like someone who was being confronted with information and points of view he was not prepared to hear. But by the end, he was no longer in denial.

Nail parlor 10 minutes early, thought it would be a long wait but my person left the pedicure at 6 to someone else and did my nails. Next time I think I need to have the acrylic removed and redone, it's looking layered.

Safeway, spent way too much time not finding falafel. Or frozen matzo balls. Falafel can be found at the Arab/Mexican/Indian market, but usually the only other thing I buy there are olives, which are too high sodium for my diet, and halvah, which is sugar crack. Matzo balls are at Piazza's, a bit out of my way. Actually both are, in opposite directions.

Home, shoes and router which were estimated to be delivered today were not. :-(

Dinner was microwaved rose shaped ha gow with a side of peas. Never again - the ha gow needs to be steamed.

Watched PTI, FFed through two Oak Island offerings - they discovered one tiny artifact then abandoned the search area. And they backhoe dug up some timbers. Next time they may send a diver into the drill shaft to see what's blocking the way and where the water is coming from.

Plans for tomorrow:

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