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Because it's after midnight.

Boss bailed again. She did come in to work, though, despite her dental stuff. Turns out the set top box I was expecting from her was meant for someone else to test.

Managed to beat the TV into submission which had been giving problems. Factory reset, re-installed apps.

Home. Traffic was very light for rush hour. Caught up with it just in time to not take 237.

Delivered was a pair of shoes, which I will try on tomorrow, and the new router, which took up way too much of my time. I had copied all the info from the previous router, but all the DHCP and port forwarding addresses had to be entered one by one.

The Sonos speakers were a pain in the butt to get working. They are playing my favorite Thai station now, so I'm happy.

With a new router comes a new port forwarding IP, so I had to punch in that number 8 times in the phone app, and will need to install the same into my tablet. And my webcam.html page has been updated with all but one camera, which is a different model. I have another one en route which should fix that. The rtsp cam is going back, it doesn't tilt/swivel, and I don't need rtsp anymore.

I swapped the cats. Spook did not like that at all, and somehow managed to find and rip to shreds a priceless piece of paper with words handwritten by me in Thai and English to a very hard to find song from an even harder to find 1976 movie, Woman The World Forgot. Maybe I can find lyrics online. But I doubt it. It begins "In this world, do good, no one sees"

And Zoe has been jumping up on everything. Piano top, microwave, stove, etc. I have transplanted her to the tree in the office, bribing her with a meat stick. She doesn't care for the usual treats, but loves those Sheba things.

Dinner was duck soup with shrimp wontons. No time for dessert.

Been following the student walk-outs and associated news. It fills my heart to see the kids doing that. In the early 70s we helped change the world with protests. The torch skipped a generation, but had finally been taken up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try on new shoes
Work - lots of tests to do on resurrected TV

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