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Cam IO

Did not sleep well, Zoe was out and about all night, I was hoping she would keep me company. First thing after I was dressed I put her back in the room and kicked Spook out into the main house.

Way late getting up, no time to try on the new shoes. Got to work half an hour late, did not go for bananas. I had packed enough for sort of a breakfast. Did not end up eating it all. Note to self: next time pack a spoon.

Work was a lot of manual testing of a finicky TV. Took all day.

Lunch was sweet & sour chicken steamer. Yummy. Added a HB egg. Dessert was some grapes and some mint fudge cookies. Thick mints, I guess.

Called both of my sisters. Middle sister is visiting in May. Baby sister is bicycling to BC about the same time as Worldcon. She isn't too sure about it, it's her husband's idea. He has become quite the bike racer/long distance type.

Stayed till after 6, traffic was very heavy for the first leg, so I took the expressway route I did Wednesday. Looked at my gas guage and decided if I was going to be driving 100+ miles tomorrow  maybe 1/4 tank was not enough, so filled it. The readout says the car is now good for 600+ miles, but I don't trust that, even for a hybrid.

Home, delivered was a Reolink CP-1 wifi cam, which supports 5GHz. Set it up and discovered it will not do - there is only admin mode, no way to share the video safely. I may have to buy a used Foscam on eBay. Later. No rush.

Watched PTI, dinner was fish fillets and shrimp egg rolls. Home made tartar sauce for the fish. Thai honey-chili sauce for the egg rolls.

Zoe was acting paranoid the first time I visited, a couple of hours later she was her affectionate self. At work I found another place to post a re-home request for her.

Middle sister suggested giving up Spook instead. I'm not really tempted, although that kind of makes sense.

Going to bed early, have to be on the road by 9:30.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lenore's memorial service at the Neptune Society SF.
Pear Improv night in MV

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