Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Typical Sunday

Slept in as promised. Spook whined at me at about 9:30.

Zoe did not like it when I wrapped Spook up in my arms in a death grip and sat down on the futon in Zoe's room. She retreated to the corner of the top of the bookcase. And she wouldn't come down even after I deposited Spook outside and closed the door.

I played around with Twitch, set it up so two webcams can be seen as well as the slide show of calendar photos. I've had 60 visitors, but no followers.

No breakfast, took the bath mats and 3 pairs of "don't fit me" shoes to Goodwill. They don't take rugs. :-(

Since I was out and about, I got some cash from BofA and went to a massage place I had not been to for a while. They have spiffied the place up, new tables, the kind with a built-in face hole, padded. Very comfortable. Excellent massage.

Home, but first, since it was not a huge detour, confirmed that the gun range where I used to put holes in pieces of paper with their rented handguns is still open. Idiot tailgating me prevented safely turning off the road into the parking lot, though.

Home, played online a bit. Kind of infuriating how many FB dweebs get their "news" second hand, play Chinese Telephone with it, and argue when presented with verifiable sources with the facts. So far, as far as I can tell, all the FBI has done is prove that people lie to them. I don't think that's very productive, but what do I know?

Watched some TV. Match Game. Alex Baldwin is way too good a host, all things considered. Not a very fair game, because some questions have no obvious knee-jerk answers and some do. And some of the stars give guesses which don't match the question.

Also watched an episode of the Weather Channel's Highway Through Hell, in which tow truck drivers are shown using their engineering skills to right huge big rigs, as well as haul them back to the highway from the 600-foot embankment they have fallen down. Far more interesting than NBC's Olympics interviews, and way more than today's ski marathon, all 6 hours of it.

Steamed some ha gow for an early dinner. Brownie for desert.

Printed the rent check, which was in the park slot this afternoon, a week later than expected.

Left at 5:15 for my 5:30 coffee date, and was still 5 minutes early. With all the driving today, I was using petrol. The gas engine cuts off very noticeably at stop lights. More than the battery engine.

Home, did not win an auction on eBay, so bought a used one on Amazon sellers for $10 more.

Also on Amazon, set up to return the two new web cams, which are no boxed and labeled and ready to drop off at UPS. Wanted to use a Amazon locker, and despite there being one in every 7-11, none of them within 25 miles was available. Someone at Amazon is not enforcing the use it or lose it policy. And/or they are not collecting from them every day.

Things to mention:

Did I mention that the new shoes, which are the same make & model of the ones which I'd been wearing, are amazingly comfortable? What made the diff was a half size smaller.
I filed my taxes yesterday. IRS takes a big bite, CA gives me back about 1/4 of that.
Took out the garbage. The bathroom rugs are in it.

Plans for tomorrow:

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